The Lyric Theatre is Reborn!

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The Lyric Theatre is Reborn!
Posted: 8/19/14 at 08:21am
Not sure how long the marquee has been up but I just noticed it this morning.

Apologies if this has been posted already.

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The Lyric Theatre is Reborn!
Posted: 8/19/14 at 10:22am
I like the Lyric sign. It is so much better then Foxwood.
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The Lyric Theatre is Reborn!
Posted: 8/19/14 at 04:13pm
It's been about a week. And the big sign on 43rd Street was just replaced yesterday.

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The Lyric Theatre is Reborn!
Posted: 8/19/14 at 04:15pm
That looks really nice, it is a thousand times better than the Hilton and Foxxwoods logos.
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The Lyric Theatre is Reborn!
Posted: 8/19/14 at 07:13pm
I would have preferred a more classical looking serif font, but I'm glad it's the Lyric again.
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The Lyric Theatre is Reborn!
Posted: 8/19/14 at 07:16pm
Yeah I wish the whole thing would be overhauled. But it's nice. I don't so much care for that tacky gold.

So who owns the theater now? Did Foxwoods actually own it or were they partners or what?
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The Lyric Theatre is Reborn!
Posted: 8/19/14 at 08:02pm
The Ambassador Theatre Group bought the theatre from Live Nation last year. Foxwoods just paid for the naming rights (as Hilton and Ford did before them).
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The Lyric Theatre is Reborn!
Posted: 8/20/14 at 02:39am
What is the name of the theatre west of the Lyric, the one that was covered up? Is it considered a Broadway theatre?
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The Lyric Theatre is Reborn!
Posted: 8/20/14 at 10:48am
Not crazy about the font. I wish they could've kept it more in the style of the old Foxwoods marquee. However I'm glad that it's now officially called the Lyric Theatre.
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The Lyric Theatre is Reborn!
Posted: 8/28/14 at 12:39am
Here's the 43rd Street Sign. They just took down the Spiderman Billboard/Foxwood Sign on top of the theatre the past few days and replaced it with On The Town.
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