After Midnight CD?

After Midnight CD?
Posted: 7/6/14 at 03:43pm
I am sitting out here on the West coast patiently awaiting any news of an OBCR of After Midnight. So many of my friends in NYC have seen the show and loved it so much. Can anybody tell me why nobody is talking about a release?
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Sutton Ross
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After Midnight CD?
Posted: 7/6/14 at 04:11pm
Probably because it's not going to happen. There are clips online though. I saw it in its last week, and it was incredibly special. It's a shame what happened to it.
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After Midnight CD?
Posted: 7/6/14 at 04:31pm
As far as I know there were never any plans to record the show, which is a shame.
After Midnight CD?
Posted: 7/6/14 at 04:45pm
Really doesn't make much sense. Shows with far shorter run get OBCR, I wonder why not After Midnight?
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After Midnight CD?
Posted: 7/6/14 at 07:55pm
A full CD was not produced. However, several songs were recorded live for the Tony nominators and voters, and produced as an EP. Those songs are available on the show's website and SoundCloud
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Mr. Nowack
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After Midnight CD?
Posted: 7/6/14 at 09:37pm
People certainly have been talking about it here, especially bryan, who was very dismayed that one wasn't released.

I too am very sad there wasn't a full CD, as the band was spectacular. Many have cited the varying rights holders as a reason why a CD wasn't made but I'm not sure about that.
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After Midnight CD?
Posted: 7/6/14 at 10:59pm
I am glad it was not me this time

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