RIP Mary Rodgers

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RIP Mary Rodgers
Posted: 6/26/14 at 03:17pm
I would expect news to break shortly, but just heard from a member of the family. Very sad.
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RIP Mary Rodgers
Posted: 6/26/14 at 03:19pm
Oh no!
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RIP Mary Rodgers
Posted: 6/26/14 at 03:20pm
I, too, was waiting for an official announcement before posting anything but yes. It's true. Very very sad. She had been having great difficulty with her heart since the passing of Henry last year.

RIP. Mary.
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RIP Mary Rodgers
Posted: 6/26/14 at 03:30pm
Sad to hear. Always a friendly lady.
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RIP Mary Rodgers
Posted: 6/26/14 at 03:32pm
Well this isn't news I wanted to hear Sir Harry in Once Upon a Mattress was my first lead role and it was such a pleasure singing that score, one which really doesn't quite get the respect it deserves.

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RIP Mary Rodgers
Posted: 6/26/14 at 03:38pm
So very very sad.

What a great loss.

....but the world goes 'round
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RIP Mary Rodgers
Posted: 6/26/14 at 03:46pm
This is devastating news. Mary was one of Broadway's gems. I was fortunate enough to meet her once at the closing performance of SOUTH PACIFIC and she could not have been sweeter. Rest in Peace, Mary. You will be sorely missed.
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RIP Mary Rodgers
Posted: 6/26/14 at 04:04pm
She really was one of the theater world's gems. I met her a couple of times and chatted with her-- always pleasant, funny and kind. I'll miss knowing she's around.
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RIP Mary Rodgers
Posted: 6/26/14 at 04:25pm

Rest in peace, wonderful lady.

She's musical to boot!
She will set your feet a-tapping
When she plays upon her lute!

RIP Mary Rodgers
Posted: 6/26/14 at 04:30pm
RIP Mary!! Once Upon a Mattress holds a very special place in my heart, it is one of my favorites!
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RIP Mary Rodgers
Posted: 6/26/14 at 04:58pm
Mary was also the author of "Freaky Friday"
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RIP Mary Rodgers
Posted: 6/26/14 at 05:14pm
Very sad to hear this. RIP, Mary.
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RIP Mary Rodgers
Posted: 6/26/14 at 06:08pm
Awwww. Another talent gone. RIP
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RIP Mary Rodgers
Posted: 6/26/14 at 06:37pm
Oh gosh, how very sad.
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RIP Mary Rodgers
Posted: 6/26/14 at 07:37pm
My condolences to her family and friends.

A Broadway composer, who was the daughter of a Broadway composer, and the mother of a Broadway composer. Surely that makes her one-of-a-kind.
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RIP Mary Rodgers
Posted: 6/26/14 at 08:38pm
"You can recognize a lady by her elegant air, but a genuine princess is exceedingly rare!

She was musical theater royalty.
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RIP Mary Rodgers
Posted: 6/26/14 at 09:03pm
I never met her, but I have long held a very favorable impression of her from her quoted comments about her colleagues (mostly Stephen Sondheim) and their obvious affection for her. My condolences to all who loved her.

And I agree she doesn't really get her due as a composer. How I wish we had more from her! But count me in with the MATTRESS admirers. My knowledge of HOT SPOT may be warped by my limited ability to read sheet music, but it seems to have had some lovely songs as well.
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RIP Mary Rodgers
Posted: 6/26/14 at 09:18pm
This is a sad day in the theatre world. R.I.P.

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