54 Below Stage Door?

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Jordan Catalano
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54 Below Stage Door?
Posted: 6/22/14 at 03:05pm
I've never been to a 54 Below performance and was curious if there was a separate stage door or if people just come out of the main entrance.

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54 Below Stage Door?
Posted: 6/22/14 at 03:46pm
The times I have been there I didn't see the performers come in but they have mingled after the performances and have left through the main entrance.
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54 Below Stage Door?
Posted: 6/22/14 at 03:57pm
There is not any kind of real stage door but if you stick around after the show ends performers who want to greet audience members will come hang out in the bar or seating area.
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54 Below Stage Door?
Posted: 6/22/14 at 11:10pm
Yeah, generally artists who want to spend time with the audience and say hi will do so in the bar seating area. (Jane Lynch was apparently such a doll that she said hi to pretty much every single person after her shows this past weekend.)

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