Simple Questions: Any and all responses are welcome

Hello All!

For those of you who generally purchase show merchandise: why do you?

What entices you? Is there anything in particular that draws your eye? What do you generally purchase (any one particular item you have a collection you add to, ie. pins, keychains)? What was the best/most unique Broadway souvenir you ever purchased?

For those that do not: why not?

Is there something that you wish was offered that is not? How could a merchandiser entice you to purchase something? Is it the prices?

Any other information or responses regarding merchandise I am well open to.

I am doing research for a confidential party who is looking into branching out by doing merchandise; I get to create the business plan. There is a particular show we would like to start with next season and then perhaps branch out.

Thank you for you responses; it will be very helpful!
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I seldom do. (Although I did when I was younger.) Why? I don't need a physical item to give me a memory. I nearly always look, but seldom buy. I don't mind saying prices likely play into that. When I bring my kids to a show, I will often allow them to pick something out....but 9/10 my son doesn't want anything. My daughter? Always.

I also don't need to "show off" by wearing a show shirt/sweatshirt, etc.

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thespian geek
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I do if it's a show I ended up liking enough to want to buy merch from (more often than not, I do). My usual purchases usually end up being a souvenir programs and/or a mug, if they have them. But definitely the souvenir programs for sure over the mug.
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I generally don't buy anything mainly because of the prices.
I see shows mainly through rush/lotto, so if I've only already paid $30-40 to get in, I don't want to spend another $25 on the poster.

I usually make a list of some posters that I want and get those for my Birthday and hang them in my room.
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I base it on visuals. If there's a fabulous looking t shirt, I might buy it and never wear it.. But in general, I think it's tacky to wear a shirt or jacket from a show if you didn't work on.
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We buy a magnet from every show we see. During fundraising times, we may spend the $40 or so for a signed window card. Other than that, we don't buy much.
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I guess I'm tacky.

I always buy a t-shirt and a souvenir program. The program can be used for research later on.
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Diva darling, it's just an opinion, and doesn't count for much. Love you!
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I have to really like a show to want to buy anything, just because of how expensive merch tends to be. If I do get something, it's usually a poster or program, sometimes magnets (more so when I was in high school because I could decorate my locker with them).

I'd also add that I more often buy merch either elsewhere in the theater district or online, just because I am an indecisive shopper and find it somewhat stressful to buy things at the theater, where it is crowded, loud, and there are time constraints. :)
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Sutton Ross
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It's extremely important to me that products I buy are made in the United States. The Playbill's store poster frames are all made here, and a lot of their merchandise. For me, it depends on that.
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I don't usually buy merch, however if I really like a show I consider. I remember buying a mug at Catch Me if You Can, because it was unique and cool looking, and I still use it all the time. I wanted to buy something at If/Then but I hate the artwork, and the artwork is on all the merch, so I didn't buy anything.
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I think the only three pieces I have bought over the years, was the original Man of La Manchca souvenir booklet (was my first Broadway Show ever), a HAIR tee shirt from the recent revival and a window card from Grey Gardens because I thought it was stunning.

I have had no desire to buy anything from the other, hundreds of shows I have been to.
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I agree that price generally is a factor for me. Also if I will use or care about the item later on. I don't really buy shirts ever. And usually I wait until the flea market to get a lot of stuff like posters, programs, and other coo stuff.
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(UK based so this may not apply for your research)

I used to buy souvenir brochures for the production shots, but the price has gone up so much that now I don't bother. Otherwise the only merchandise I buy would be cast recordings from musicals - and I'll generally buy those online or digital only because they're so much cheaper.

I would probably buy a very classy "making of" book - like the Grandage Decade At The Donmar book that came out a year or so ago - for most shows, though. That's probably not the kind of merchandise you're looking into. Occasionally I'll also buy play scripts.

The reasons I don't buy merchandise are that:

i) I prefer to spend my money on better seating;

ii) I don't generally "advertise" my love of theatre - it's a huge part of my life but I don't wear show T-shirts or drink out of show mugs or have posters around my apartment or anything like that. I'll talk about it - but I don't need that kind of memento of going to the theatre, particularly as most of my friends aren't such big fans as I am. I suppose I don't define myself through enjoying theatre and associating myself with that;

iii) A lot of merchandise is quite "tourist-y" - it proves you had a night at a show. I don't need to prove that to "the folks back home" or anything - I can just tell them or my friends that I've been to the theatre and what I saw, really.
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I usually buy the poster and get it signed afterward. I like hanging them on my wall because they give me solace in good memories that I have away from everyday life.
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If I like the artwork I'll buy a magnet since I wouldn't hang the window cards.

Otherwise the only thing I'd ever buy is the cast recording.
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I buy a shirt if it's a show I really like, souvenir brochures if it's a show I haven't seen before/new cast and if they are available I'll get a magnet and a mug to add to my collections.
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I used to buy merch a lot more frequently when I was younger, but now I rarely do...I would usually buy souvenir programs and occasionally show shirts. Now if I buy anything it's a window card or a magnet if I like the artwork for the show. I tend to buy things more often at the flea market since it's less of an investment and I don't really want to spend $30 on a shirt I'll most likely only sleep or exercise in.

Beyond a magnet or a poster, I tend to like things that are unique and don't just have the show artwork on them. I loved the "living on a latte and a prayer" mugs that Next to Normal used to sell, I still have and use the one I bought.
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I always buy a souvenir program at any show I attend. It's a tradition dating back much of my life. At any entertainment event, I buy one, be it a Broadway show or a big concert.

I also almost always buy the cast recording but do so digitally (it's much cheaper) and before I go see the show.
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Most of the time, I don't buy anything besides from the cast recording (and those I usually get from online - the only thing is sometimes you have to wait longer). But that is not because I don't want to buy anything, if I had it my way, I would buy merchandise more often, but the fact is - they are kind of expensive, and I don't really use them, so it's kind of impractical. Generally, when I do buy things, I buy keychains and mugs.

I make exceptions though - I like to buy special things that I feel like I can't buy anywhere else. If a vendor tells me something is "limited edition," or "the last of its kind," I'm a goner, haha... But of course, only if it's within my price range. So when I see merchandise that I have never seen before at another show, I tend to buy it (or fight the strong urge to buy it). I just bought jump ropes at Rocky, for example, because I thought that was cute and special. I really wanted to buy the genie lamp ornament and the snow globe at Aladdin, but convinced myself not to because I won't use them for anything and they were kind of expensive. I like to buy T-shirts at the flea market.
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I have a lot of magnets. And I own a few show sweatshirts or baseball caps...but only for shows that someone I know personally has been a part of.

I also buy cast albums. I might buy some tracks on line but I usually buy the CD - sometimes at the box office, sometimes at Amazon,etc. as I like to have all the liner notes.
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Polka Dot2
I never buy merchandise. My person thoughts:

1. Way too expensive. It's hard for me to bring myself to pay more than $45 for a show let alone buy a bunch of stuff while I'm there.

2. I'm an actor in NY, so wearing a show t-shirt or hat feels kind of touristy to me. I would never wear it. Maybe if I was in the show, I'd wear a jacket or something with the logo. I've seen some Hairspray cast members wearing those and always thought that was nice.

3. I collect playbills from all of the shows I've been to, and that's enough for me.

Occasionally I buy a CD, or someone buys me the collector's companion-type book as a gift because I love reading about the making of shows. That's as far as I go, though.

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