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Linda Eder, Night After the Tonys

Linda Eder, Night After the Tonys#1
Posted: 6/10/14 at 3:02pm
I saw Linda Eder last night in LA/Hollywood at the Ford Amphitheatre (which is on the other side of the freeway opposite the Hollywood Bowl). The show was the venue’s Night After the Tonys concert. It was the first time I have been to this venue, but it was an exceptional first experience as this smallish open air amphitheatre in the hills really is a fantastic place to take in a concert.

Constantine Maroulis was a special guest, but unfortunately he wasn’t so special. He had mic issues, but that wasn’t his biggest problem. He was just off. I can’t adequately explain how, but I was guessing he was either somewhat unprepared or slightly high. There is a funny story though: Dropping an F-bomb, Maroulis apparently responded to an audience member’s reaction saying “oh, this is a family show?”. Later during his final song, Maroulis entered the aisles to interact with the audience, and when he made is way over near where the audience member had reacted to his earlier F-bomb, Maroulis kind of shook himself in front of a woman’s face and proclaimed “Here’s your family show”. Sadly, that was the most entertaining thing he did that night – whether conceived from the beginning or a genuinely spontaneous act.

Linda Eder more than made the evening worth the full price ticket though. She sang everything about as well as any Linda Eder fan would expect. She also sang a few songs I’m not sure have been part of her repertoire – and certainly not regularly. “I Dreamed a Dream” was one, and it was very well done. But I was blown away by her “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina”. Starting out with only a piano and her clear smooth voice, she added a subtle grit or rasp I don’t think I have heard previously. As the song built, so did the emotion she conveyed. The remaining three band pieces (electric bass, drums and acoustic guitar) slowly entered, and Eder then performed some of her vocal acrobatics, using her voice to add another instrument. It was easily the best version of this song I have heard.

I am not a gigantic Linda Eder fan, but I have seen her in concert a few times and do like her a lot. She gave an excellent performance last night, and she appeared to have enjoyed herself as much as anyone. Another funny thing happened with Constantine Maroulis when Ms. Eder began singing “Dangerous Game” from Jekyll & Hyde. For the character Hyde’s part, Maroulis was supposed to re-enter the stage and sing the duet. However he was a no show when it was his turn to sing! Linda Eder started busting up laughing and halted the performance. Constantine then did appear and the two sang the song adding a bit of humor I’m not sure was planned. Along with a local group called The Company Men who opened the show, and despite being disappointed in Constantine Maroulis’ performance, the near 3-hour event was very enjoyable.

Note a local LA television station, LA36, filmed the entire performance using four cameras (3 stationary and one on a boom). I haven’t found any information related to a possible airing or video being available though.
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Broadway Legend
Linda Eder, Night After the Tonys#2
Posted: 6/10/14 at 5:52pm
Too bad she could not have gotten Robert Cuccioli as her special guest - lol. Saw Ms. Eder in concert about a decade ago and she was wonderful.
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Broadway Legend
Linda Eder, Night After the Tonys#2
Posted: 6/10/14 at 6:42pm
I have seen her twice. The first time was right after the pre- Broadway tour of "Jekyl..". Denver had the highest turnout so she came back to do a free concert at the, then, Auditorium Theater at the DCPA. It was the first timme she did Don Quixote live. I became an instant fan.
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Linda Eder, Night After the Tonys#3
Posted: 6/10/14 at 8:32pm
There is an article about the show here-
" All the songs hit the sweet spot of his tenor voice. He proved to be a real charmer with his patter and playfulness with the audience. He ended his act with a shout out to his time on Idol with “Bohemian Rhapsody.”
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Linda Eder, Night After the Tonys#5
Posted: 6/11/14 at 6:21am
For those that didn't know, she is recording a live CD at the end of this month…… I hope means that's some of these old gems she's been singing lately (Don't Cry For Me, I Dreamed a Dream, Ice Castles theme…..) are included in that setlist and on the release
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Linda Eder, Night After the Tonys#6
Posted: 6/11/14 at 11:52am
Why Ms Eder had to share a stage with a low-talent hack like Maroulis is beyond me. She could sing circles around him.

I saw Eder with the Houston Symphony a couple of weeks ago and she was in glorious voice. 70+ piece backing her up... It was truly the perfect way to showcase that voice.

While many lose their top range as they age (I'm looking at you Streisand), Eder has not. She can still hit every note with ease.


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