NY Times prediction: Idina might pull off an upset

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and Brown is likely to win Best Score for Bridges. Yay!

I had a feeling Idina could gain some momentum, but Mueller still had the most votes in his poll.

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I have no opinion since I really haven't seen anything.... but I love it when there is a upset. I hope there is more than one! Makes for better TV.

On another note.. so sick of NPH and how he comes off in the chat shows. So full of himself. ( and I guess rightly so)... but I wouldn't mind if he went home empty handed.
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I agree! Upsets are exciting.

Also surprised to see that Linda Emond is in a tight race with Lena Hall. Emond is wonderful, but I haven't seen much award buzz for her.
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Well I for one would be thrilled!!!

I'm preparing myself emotionally for that not to occur, however.
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I was more excited by the idea of an upset for LaTanya RIchardson Jackson. That kind of surprise would be incredible, and no one has called it.

I also think a surprise win for Kenny Leon would be shocking, yet deserved.
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Menzel's last win was pretty surprising for many, considering the competition. I would love to see it happen. Not too jazzed about Beautiful or Mueller.
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I think a poll of 5% of the voting body isn't enough to draw many conclusions on.
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A few lines later, the piece ends with "...this feels like Ms. Mueller’s year."

So, you have to read the whole article.

But even so, in a piece discussing how many categories have no clear frontrunner, would Idina winning even be an upset?! Don't you need someone who is the clear frontrunner for someone else winning to be called an upset?

Like, if anyone but Audra McDonald won Best Actress, then sure, then it seems like the right word, since everyone assumes they may as well engrave her name on it already.
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I did read the full article, hence why I wrote that Mueller had the most votes in his poll.
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I would love an upset or two (just not in score!). But I feel like, looking back on this season, it's going to be shocking to think that Kelli didn't win.
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'A few lines later, the piece ends with "...this feels like Ms. Mueller’s year." '

But BEFORE that it goes on to say "more voters cast ballots for Ms O'Hara". So shouldn't this thread really be KELLLY MIGHT PULL OFF AN UPSET?!
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Ya no...for Jessie to lose, I think it's fair to say.

Idina already won for her ability to power-ballad her way through trite material. Should she be rewarded again for doing the same? Jessie is working with mediocre material, but pulling out an amazing performance (much like Kelli).

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It's bothered me greatly that Idina's performance has been largely overlooked in all of the prediction articles, as unofficial as they may be. I've seen 4 of the 5 nominated women (only missed Joplin), and not only is Idina's performance as strong as her fellow nominees' but I actually think she is playing a more difficult role. Had the overall show received more critical praise, I think she'd be a shoo in for accolades. Great perfs by all these ladies though-- in another year, they'd each have it in the bag.
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But BEFORE that it goes on to say "more voters cast ballots for Ms O'Hara". So shouldn't this thread really be KELLLY MIGHT PULL OFF AN UPSET?!

That threw me for a minute, too. but I think he meant "additional voters..."
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Although I think Kelli's performance was certainly award worthy, I am pulling for Idina. Overall, I think Idina is pulling something wonderful off. She is playing two different characters in one show but its the same woman. Plus, the score is a big one for the part, and its evident after the CD came out that the score is a gem. I'm surprised how excluded she was from many discussions on who was gonna win. As brilliant as Mueller is, it didn't scream Tony to me as much as Kelli or Idina's performances did.
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I truly see this year as the first year in a long time where an upset is only possible in a few categories, since so many categories are so strong that any nominee could take it. I think things have settled some since early awards, but Drama Desk last weekend seemed to kick some races into gear.

Finding out the winners this year will be interesting, to say the least.
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Team Kelli.

Agree that there is no 'upset' in a tight category filled with amazing, deserving nominees.
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Clumsy voting. They meant Kelli O'Hara has more votes than Idina Menzel, but Jessie Mueller has the most votes. They also said Mary Bridget Davies and Sutton Foster had fans, as well, but the other three held most of the 40 votes.

That means that the top three were within a few votes of each other in this informal polling of 40 nominees.

It really should have flipped the paragraphs, leading with Jessie Mueller has the most votes, then pointing out afterwards that Kelli O'Hara and even Idina Menzel were very close in vote totals.
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I had no idea Lena Hall was the favorite. I haven't really been paying attention but having seen the two performances discussed here I'd say Linda Emond deserves it.

Also had no idea that Audra's not necessarily a slam dunk. That worries me.
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It would be cool if Idina won best actress, but after seeing both and her Jessie Mueller, I would be thrilled if Jessie won. She delivered such a lovely and beautiful performance.
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Kelli 5eva
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I saw four of the ladies, and as much as I would like Idina to pull the upset, Sutton acted circles around the rest. She has really been surprising me lately as an actress.

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Team Reed Birney. Hoping the New York theatre vet wins over the talented yet over-rewarded Brit.
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Team Jessie.

Team Reed.

Team anyone other than Brown.
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Thank you, DAME! I have long hated NPH because of how arrogant he comes across when he's "just himself". I still haven't seen HEDWIG because, much as I love the show, I just can't imagine myself enjoying it. I've never really been able to enjoy anything he does.
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And yes - so very happy to see all the love for Reed Birney. If there's one win I want more than any other this year, it's his.
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