VIOLET stagedoor advice

Broadway Legend
VIOLET stagedoor advice
Posted: 6/5/14 at 04:36pm
Seeing Violet tonight, I know American Airlines Theater is a total crapshoot when it comes to stage-dooring but anyone have any advice, is one side better than the other for this show?
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Jordan Catalano
Broadway Legend
VIOLET stagedoor advice
Posted: 6/5/14 at 04:41pm
The 43rd street exit is set up afterwards for Sutton Foster to come out and sign. Sadly, the way they have it set up, you're very unlikely to see anyone else other than her. But she's extremely gracious and signs, takes pics, etc.
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VIOLET stagedoor advice
Posted: 6/6/14 at 12:21am
I met Sutton and Emerson Steele at the 43rd street door almost immediately after
the show (run!). I had to leave before anyone else may have come out.

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