I can't decide! Please help :)

I can't decide! Please help :)
Posted: 6/4/14 at 03:29pm
Hi everyone, I've been reading this board for a while but just joined now. Many of you have been very helpful in my trip planning so far but I need a little guidance. Sorry to start another show advice thread :/

I am coming to NY the weekend of June 13th for a handful of days. So far I have booked: Gentleman's, After Midnight, Hedwig, and If/Then.

I also have Cabaret booked but I also may be interested in different shows instead like: Beautiful, Violet, Lady Day, Pippin, Kinky Boots, Rocky, Cripple of Inishmaan, and Bullets.

I am not too familiar with Cabaret but I know Alan Cumming is supposed to be awesome.

Question is: Is Cabaret worth seeing over the other possible shows I have listed for someone who isn't too familiar with the show? Or would you suggest one of the other shows?

Secondary question: Anything good on Sunday nights?
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I can't decide! Please help :)
Posted: 6/4/14 at 03:35pm
I saw the national tour of the 1998 revival. As much as I enjoyed it, it was just kind of a tease for the experience of seeing this show in the space it's back in now (or, better yet, at the Henry Miller.) It was a no-brainer for me and the first show we booked.

I can't decide! Please help :)
Posted: 6/4/14 at 03:42pm
Thanks wyo2ny. I am just the worst at decisions :)

Any thoughts from everybody else?
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I can't decide! Please help :)
Posted: 6/4/14 at 03:49pm
If you're looking to do a Broadway show on Sunday evening, your only options are the long running shows like The Lion King, The Book of Mormon, and Mamma Mia. The only new show playing on Sunday night is Holler if Ya Hear Me which is.....kind of a snooze.

Violet and Lady Day are incredible, and not to be missed!
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I can't decide! Please help :)
Posted: 6/4/14 at 04:31pm
Cabaret is totally worth seeing! Michelle and Alan are awesome!
Pippin and Violet are also amazing!
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I can't decide! Please help :)
Posted: 6/4/14 at 04:48pm
I loved Lady Day, Violet and Matilda. I saw the national tour of Cabaret (and the televised production with Cumming and Jane Horrocks) and I liked it, but I have never been a huge fan of the show in particular. It's an excellent production of an excellent show, but the show itself leaves me cold for some reason.
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I can't decide! Please help :)
Posted: 6/4/14 at 06:41pm
I'd heartily recommend LADY DAY, VIOLET, INISHMAAN and to a lesser degree BEAUTIFUL (for Jessie and the songs), MATILDA and PIPPIN.

Sunday night, nothing on Broadway is much to sniff at. Unless there's a weird schedule for something that weekend. Maybe FORBIDDEN BROADWAY?
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I can't decide! Please help :)
Posted: 6/4/14 at 06:42pm
Recommend Violet and Matilda also..but I might recommend Kinky Boots now if you are not here often because Billy Porter is not going to be in the show forever and while I am sure others can be fabulous in the role, it's always nice to see the original.

I hear Cabaret is amazing...but its not my favorite show either. Of course, I feel that way about the current production of Pippin too - which is a view not shared by many. If you are a big fan of Daniel Radcliff, Cripple is a recommendation also.

Many good choices...go with your gut.

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I can't decide! Please help :)
Posted: 6/4/14 at 06:58pm
All good choices - I did not see this reincarnation of Cabaret (saw the 1998 version twice - once with AC and Natasha Richardson - once with Michael C Hall and cannot remember the Sally) but everyone who I know that saw it LOVED it. If you have tickets, use them and see it.

I saw Cripple in its original run a few years ago at Atlantic Theater and it was a great story (I like the Irish slice of life plays). Violet was somewhat slight but very enjoyable. Saw Kinky Boots week before Tonys last year and it was HIGH ENERGY and like another poster said, Billy Porter will not be in it forever.

Rocky and Bullets were a little disappointing (had high hopes for Bullets before it opened and the reviewers were pretty spot on with their observations).

In order I would suggest:

Kinky Boots
Pippin (but I saw original cast in this)
Beautiful (saw it in pre-Broadway run in SF)
Lady Day (kind of specific taste - you have to like Billie Holiday)

For Plays:
Act One (kind of conventional play but I really liked it)
Casa Valentina (went in with high expectations and the humor gave way to message)
LBJ (Cranston is incredible the story itself is a little long)

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I can't decide! Please help :)
Posted: 6/4/14 at 07:11pm
Pippin and Matilda are must sees. I heard Cabaret is good too, but I am not seeing it until later in the summer. I do think Book of Mormon has Sunday night shows. It is also a must see.
I can't decide! Please help :)
Posted: 6/4/14 at 09:03pm
Thank you for all the thoughtful responses so far! I only get to NY every few years (WI native) so I don't want to feel like I am missing out on something and I don't have enough time to hit up all the must sees.

I grabbed up a cheap last row mezz Cabaret ticket right when I found out I was coming, just in case.

I've heard the view and seating may be less than awesome up there.
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I can't decide! Please help :)
Posted: 6/4/14 at 11:53pm
I strongly recommend FLY BY NIGHT for Sunday night.
I can't decide! Please help :)
Posted: 6/5/14 at 07:51am
A while back I was looking into Fly By Night for Sunday night. Thanks for the recommend. I'll give that one some more consideration.
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I can't decide! Please help :)
Posted: 6/5/14 at 08:46am
I'd suggest Kinky Boots and Violet.
If you've never seen any incarnation of Pippin you should experience it, if you were lucky enough to see the original run you should put this revival at the bottom of your list. Beautiful was the surprise hit of the season for me and it looks like for many so I would heartily recommend it.

I guess it depends on whether you care where you sit and how much you are going to spend on seats. You can get great seats for Pippin because it seems to be waning down. For Kinky Boots your going to wind up in the mezzanine if you dont want to pay premium, the mezz aint that bad for KB. Violet has availabilty at full price, discounts will put you in the mezz or in the boxes. Beautiful has better availability during the week. Enjoy!

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I can't decide! Please help :)
Posted: 6/5/14 at 10:41am
I didn't like FLY BY NIGHT at all. But other people seem to be enjoying it.
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I can't decide! Please help :)
Posted: 6/5/14 at 10:43am
See "Beautiful" or "Kinky Boots"! They both really surprised me and they turned out to be in my top 5 favorite shows of all time!
I can't decide! Please help :)
Posted: 6/5/14 at 02:46pm
I'm not 100% on Fly by Night. I did read some mixed things. If it was a 90-minute show I would be more likely to go but it's a long one so I don't want to feel stuck there if I don't like it.

I thought I saw Book of Mormon was switching their other two-show day from Sunday to Wednesday for the summer season? I could be wrong.

I do like the Chicago movie and have never seen a stage incarnation so maybe that is a good option for Sunday night?
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I can't decide! Please help :)
Posted: 6/5/14 at 05:39pm
madela2, if you liked the movie Chicago, then Chicago could be a great choice for you. I thought the broadway show was much better than the movie when I saw it. I did not like the movie, and thus was determined not to see the show. Eventually, I was forced to see it with some family members who visited NY. To my pleasant surprise, the show was funnier live, and much more energetic and real. I'd recommend seeing it.
I'm seeing Cabaret sometime later this year, and yes, it's supposed to be great!
If you like plays, Cripple of Inishmaan is a great choice. I rarely see plays since I prefer musicals, but Cripple of Inishmaan was amazing. It is funny and touching, and the entire cast is phenomenal.
All suggestions here are pretty good. Hope you have a great time!
I also wanted to add, I saw Aladdin last week and really loved it. It's a lot of fun, and I thought the sets, costumes, and choreography were awesome. It's just something extra to consider.

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I can't decide! Please help :)
Posted: 6/5/14 at 08:06pm
You can't go wrong with Chicago. One of my favorite shows. They have an 8pm show on Monday's when the majority of the theater district is dark. Have fun!