Seating for Act One?

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Seating for Act One?
Posted: 5/12/14 at 06:15pm
I'm trying to buy a LincTix ticket online for Act One, and I'd like to sit in the front row, but I'm confused. Row J keeps coming up for every date, and it says it's only two rows from the stage? Then for the sides it's saying row C is the first row. I can believe that, but is row J the second row for the center?

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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Seating for Act One?
Posted: 5/12/14 at 07:59pm
the Vivian Beaumont Theatre seating wraps around in a semi circle around the stage so row j is the second row on the side aisles of the theatre!
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Seating for Act One?
Posted: 5/13/14 at 10:47am
I think I sat in Row J via their Linc Tix program. Was a great seat, and the sides were kinda empty so I just moved over.
Seating for Act One?
Posted: 5/13/14 at 11:05am
Trust me, you don't want to sit in the front row for ACT ONE. The set is humongous (largest turntable ever built on a Broadway stage) and 3 stories. To be able to really take it all in, you need to be further back.

I was about 6 rows back and it still felt too close. I'd recommend looking at front of the loge for this one. And as close to the center as you can.
Seating for Act One?
Posted: 5/13/14 at 02:45pm
The middle three sections of the Beaumont begin with seat row AA, and the far right and left begin with row B. At no point is row J, 2 rows from the stage. J row is roughly the middle row in each section.

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