TOP BANANA - The first cinematic release of a filmed Broadway show.

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I just saw some of this on TCM today and found it fascinating that it existed. They filmed the whole thing in LA at the end of the national tour and released it as a movie. It was supposed to be in 3D to enhance the theatrical experience, but 3D was apparently going out of style so they released it regularly.

Since the filming of Broadway shows and other musicals is such a hot-button issue these days, and since releasing them to theaters is somewhat common, I thought it would be interesting to bring up such an early occurrence.

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Thanks for the info, Mr. Nowack. I confess I've avoided the film when it has been shown on TV because I assumed it was one of those Hollywood specials where they cut most of the songs. A little "Sgt. Bilko" goes a long way, but if it's actually the Broadway show (or most of it), that might be worth while.
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I do not think it is the whole show as the film runs a little over 90 minutes.
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It's a little hard to take.
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It's not a good show -- second-rate score. Wouldn't it have been nice if some of the other Broadway shows running at the time (King and I; Guys and Dolls; Call Me Madam)had had that honor, even if not with the original performers? I know, I know, copyright infringement and all that, but I can dream, can't I?
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Laffs! Laffs! Laffs!
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I gotta admit I laughed out loud at the guy stopping the girl's pinwheeling spinners in the final shot.