Which Role In A Broadway Revival Would You Most Like To Play: Playbill.com

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100 Broadway actors responded to this question, from Playbill.com.
Susan Haskins (Theatre Talk): "I love children. That's why I work with Michael (Riedel)."
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Thanks for the link...

not your fault but would have loved it much more if it were a simple list rather than 44 pages to slowly click through!
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Patti LuPone FANatic
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I don't think I could see all of it in one sitting...maybe over several days.
Susan Haskins (Theatre Talk): "I love children. That's why I work with Michael (Riedel)."
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If you hit the print feature or whatever it is, it compresses it.
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Who the hell cares enough to click through those endless pages? I lost interest after four or five.
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Betty Buckley as Sweeney Todd. Let's discuss.

Also while reading that I noticed Ed Dixon talking about bring Pirates of Penzance back to Broadway next year? Has anyone else heard anything about this?
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Some of these answers are from a few years ago. Stephanie D'Abruzzo talks about how Encores is doing Merrily this year, so this has to be from at least 2011/2012
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^Yeah, and Laura Osnes saying "Getting to be any Disney princess would be lovely, haha!" I mean, she still hasn't technically played a Disney princess but it doesn't seem like something she would say now.
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Alice Ripley as Norma Desmond? Yes, please.
I heard that Betty will be playing Sweeney this Summer, but I don't know if that's still happening.

ALSO YES YES YES to Alice as Norma <3