How A Theatre Fan From Montreal Became A Broadway Power Broker: Adam Blanshay

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I found this interesting article from Canada's Globe and Mail.
Adam Blanshay
Susan Haskins (Theatre Talk): "I love children. That's why I work with Michael (Riedel)."
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Adam is a smart and ambitious guy, exactly what you want in a young Broadway producer.

He may very well turn out to be our next David Merrick.
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our next David Merrick

can't open the link (already used my 10 free visits to G & M)
but isn't that kinda a backhanded compliment?
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It's a compliment. David Merrick, warts and all, is and was probably the greatest Broadway producer.
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The article lost me at the first sentence, but hopefully Adam can steer clear of Canadian role models and accomplish some good things.
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Blanchay sounds like a decent guy, JFL Theatricals is involved with many new shows like Made in Dagenham and I Can't Sing! plus plays like Ghosts and Mojo so he's working with experienced producers like Sonia Friedman, Stage Entertainment etc before he can branch out as a lead producer.

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