NFL Pros Randall Cobb, Joique Bell & Ahman Green to Make Broadway Debuts in Rock of Ages

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"The jocks are playing with the theater kids. Current and former football greats are celebrating Super Bowl week with Rock of Ages on the Main Stem. Randall Cobb, Joique Bell and Ahman Green will make their Broadway debuts with more names to be announced soon as part of Rock of Ages' week-long celebration of the football championship dubbed #BroadwayBlitz.

Kickoff is January 28 when Green Bay Packer wide receiver Randall Cobb will make his Broadway bow. Detroit Lions running back Joique Bell will stride onto the Great White Way on January 29, followed by four-time Pro-Bowl running back Ahman Green at the matinee performance on February 1."

I don't know what to think of this. They're just putting random big names now...
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Oh come on. It's just a publicity stunt; it's not serious. I say good for Rock of Ages for cashing in on the Super Bowl frenzy that will surround the area. And besides, the show is very tongue-in-cheek anyhow.

Now, if Phantom or Wicked were doing it...
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This week only. Richard Sherman IS Richard III.
After Eight
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A stroke of genius, no question.

I'm sure the gentlemen in question have extensive thespian training, and are well versed in musical theatre.

I'd love to hear their opinions of The Girl Who Came to Supper or Fade Out-Fade In, and who they feel was the best Mama Rose.
Oh, so THAT's how you make it on Broadway! All these people with their theatre classes and auditions and workshops are doing it all wrong. Just go be an NFL player and then you're guaranteed to make it on the Great White Way.
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They're just doing 1 performance each cause it's Super Bowl week and the game is in New York for the first time. I'm sure all they are doing is a brief walk on. You guys seriously need to chill the f**k out. And After Eight, I'm sure most on this board would value their opinions on theater more than yours.

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FishermanBob, it's called sarcasm. You should really look it up.
South Fl Marc
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"Just go be an NFL player and then you're guaranteed to make it on the Great White Way."

There are already lots of football related stars on Broadway.
I heard Harvey Fierstein is a great "wide reciever"
And Andrew Rannells and Cheyenne Jackson are the best "tight ends" in the business.
Now living in DC. I really have to change my name on the board.
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Not touching South Fl Marc's remarks, leaving those aside...

Let's not denigrate the NFL veterans who have gone on to be memorably good actors (Alex Karras, Carl Weathers and Terry Crews among them) by assuming that all NFL players will have no aptitude for performing arts. Just the vast majority, surely.

The show apparently will be catering cameo-sized put-ins for these fine athletes, and they're to be commended for going out and giving it their all. Far dumber things have been done by shows to attract far less respectable attention. If anything, I'm surprised the Weisslers aren't putting in a 'strong man' routine into PIPPIN this week for this exact purpose.
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