Seeking RUSH tips for 1-4-14

Seeking RUSH tips for 1-4-14
Posted: 12/30/13 at 11:01pm
I'm bringing my Broadway-fan of a daughter to NYC this Saturday, Jan. 4, to hopefully see two shows. Our second trip. Trying to keep the costs contained, I'm gonna try the rush tickets. She would like to see Newsies primarily since she can't see it on tour. Secondly, she'd like to see Wicked in NYC, having loved it on tour. I'm willing to take our shot at the lottery for Newsies and hopefully we get in between the two drawings.

But for planning purposes, I'd hate to miss out on a general rush for a decent production. Since she is a high school student, she could qualify for student rush tickets, which by policy allow her two tickets. If she gets two, am I allowed to use one of hers?

Lastly, let's say we try the lottery for the Newsies matinee - should I expect to be able to get a decent deal for various shows at the TKTS booth with less than two hours before showtime? If so, I'm willing to take a shot at the Newsies 8 p.m. show lottery.

I just don't want to go through the trouble of traveling from Tennessee to NYC and seeing nothing of note (which I now understand this weekend is not the ideal time to come up looking for theatre bargains as the houses are packed). Thanks for your insights.
Seeking RUSH tips for 1-4-14
Posted: 12/30/13 at 11:55pm
Newsies is generally a very easy lottery to win. The last time my daughter and I went there were not enough people there to claim all the lottery tickets.
Check out the latest rush report for more details
Also rush policies can be found here
Good luck and enjoy your trip!
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Seeking RUSH tips for 1-4-14
Posted: 12/31/13 at 12:42am
With New Years day being on a Wednesday I actually think the 4th won't be too bad as tourists have mostly emptied out. Don't go to TKTS expecting great deals. Last time I did TKTS it was for The Glass Menagerie at 50% off (the biggest discount TKTS does) and it was still around $80/ticket.

Some shows that have student rush allow two tickets per ID, others allow one. It varies by the show so you'll need to look into that. If it's two tickets per ID, anyone can use the second ticket.

Beautiful is absolutely worth your while (although not sure if your daughter is into Carole King) and it's an easy general rush.
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Seeking RUSH tips for 1-4-14
Posted: 12/31/13 at 08:28am
Personally, if I were traveling all the way from Tennessee and wanted to see specific shows, I would buy tickets in advance to make sure I had seats. If that's not an option, make sure you have a few other shows you would be happy to see. The website will have more tips.

Updated On: 12/31/13 at 08:28 AM
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Seeking RUSH tips for 1-4-14
Posted: 1/1/14 at 11:07am
Wicked lotto is always tough. And I've been to Newsies lotto 5 times and have never won... So I might try and look at other options that have an actual rush policy as opposed to a lottery.