Forget Wicked- check out this Book of Mormon animation storyboard!

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You know, I could really see this being an animated film as well. Wow.
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I think animation, specifically the "Disney look" is the perfect vehicle for this show for the opposite reason that it works so well in the more famous Wicked storyboard animatic. In Wicked, the style complements the material's tone, content and action- it's more thrilling to see Elphaba fly on her broom as the music climaxes than it is to see her rise on a cherry picker as her dress gets huge and fills the stage.

By contrast, the plot of "The Book of Mormon" is about deconstructing the notion that the world is Disney-happy and clean, and that optimism and pluck and good intentions can solve any problem. Elder Price is a Disney character in his outlook until his breakdown, so his expectations of a Lion-King perfect Africa and a smiling cartoon God are slowly crushed as he discovers reality... in a story structurally and tonally created as homage to the Disney Renaissance theatrical style.
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Matt and Trey love to experiment with different styles, and they haven't really done anything in this style of animation, so I would not be surprised if they did choose to do a film version of The Book of Mormon in traditional animation.
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How long until BWW posts a newstory that there will be an animated BOOK OF MORMON movie?
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And then delete it when they realize this YouTube vid is from Dec 2011?
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There was a pretty good animated storyboard of "So Much Better" from Legally Blonde a few years ago. Is this by the same person?