Right-wing decries that they are morons.

I'm sure there are people with sincerely felt concerns, but mostly I think these whiners are jerks.
Right-wing decries
Posted: 11/29/13 at 10:00pm
they need to get a life they are so stupid. I am so MAD
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Right-wing decries
Posted: 11/30/13 at 09:30am
In case you missed it, Daryl Roth and the "Kinky Boots" Twitter feed shared a link to a sermon that my pastor preached about "Kinky Boots." (Don't worry; it's positive!) It was part of a series called "The Beatitudes of Broadway." The church is Virginia-Highland Church in Atlanta, GA.
Virginia-Highland Church
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Right-wing decries
Posted: 11/30/13 at 11:36am
Thanks for sharing.
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Right-wing decries
Posted: 11/30/13 at 11:43am
F*** the right wing.
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Right-wing decries
Posted: 11/30/13 at 11:49am
In all fairness, I have a number of extremely political right wing friends (shocking I know) who were very impressed by Kinky Boots in the theater and who didn't have a problem with the parade number at all. It's not's only some.

Once we start generalizing too easily, we fall into the same trap we are criticizing others for. And you start losing support from those who were on your side to begin with.
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Right-wing decries
Posted: 11/30/13 at 11:52am
The next day, at Macy's:

Billy & Stark go shopping
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Right-wing decries
Posted: 11/30/13 at 12:38pm
Can we make a special island called Republican Island and just send all of them there? I think KINKY BOOTS is a sort of silly, dumb show (but damned entertaining), but it does promote tolerance and good-will, and I think that's great. And those guys...girls...whatever you wanna call 'em...look so fabulous!
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Right-wing decries
Posted: 11/30/13 at 01:01pm
Hey not fair! I'm a Republican and wouldn't think of living in that place!
PLEASE don't send me there!
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Right-wing decries
Posted: 11/30/13 at 01:22pm
Right-wing decries

KIDS watch that parade. They are NOT going to understand people in wild outfits. Outrageous costumes have NO PLACE in a parade!

No good can possibly come from using this vast wasteland of error and deliberate deceit. You should get off of it and warn others away. You should make sure your children and grandchildren know what a corrupt and morally bankrupt institution it truly is.
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Right-wing decries
Posted: 11/30/13 at 01:32pm
Has Lauper made any kind of statement yet?

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I'm so glad the leads went shopping, in costume,, at macys.

Screw anyone who had a problem with it.
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'Hey not fair! I'm a Republican and wouldn't think of living in that place!
PLEASE don't send me there! '

Can't work out if it is funnier you think Republicland would be a horrible place, or that you have publicly admitted to being a Republican (urrgghhh). Or that you have pleaded, with us bww posters, for clemency. He he he thanks for the laughs
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I find it amusing that nobody seemed too upset over Chris Hoch appearing as a woman in Matilda's number. Nor Harvey as Edna Turnblad (twice!)
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I think the complainers must have thought that Chris Hoch's Trunchbull was the English spinster cousin of Virginia Foxx (R-NC).
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The interesting thing to me about this is that it was obvious that NBC was deliberately going out of its way to avoid (or at least minimize) controversy by introducing the show as being about the owner of a struggling shoe factory pairing up with "an outrageous cabaret performer", totally avoiding the whole cross-dressing aspect in the show.
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Priscilla Queen of The Desert performed last year or the year before. They did the "I Will Survive" number if I remember correctly. They didn't get upset then.

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Can't you find a bunch of people on Twitter who hate nearly anything?!

I think that is the HuffPo business model: "Write traffic-attracting nonsense and we can sell ads next to it."

Now t/d/b/a haterobics on here.
Updated On: 12/2/13 at 12:42 AM
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copied from a previous post I made: Priscilla’s performance was a little different. No men where in straight drag- Priscilla’s costumes were more over the top. There were no men wearing heels except the Emus and three of three of the ensemble. Kinky’s costumes were more realistic. But of course Tony Sheldon was in full drag (but he passes for a women so maybe families didn’t even notice). I think families probably found the Priscilla costumes more fun, wacky and kid friendly then Kinky’s. either way, it’s soo silly to get bothered by something like this. I think it was because Kinky presented drag queens on a much more realistic scale and everyone in the company were in boots. Though I too wonder if anybody complained about Priscilla's performance.
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Just had to say, I am PROUD to be a Republican/Conservative and think there should be a "special" place reserved for Democrats and Liberals. Oh wait----I do believe there already is ;---) Couldn't be more proud to be Republican either! So there you go, just proves that everyone is different, what is so wrong about that? Live and let live.
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"In all fairness, I have a number of extremely political right wing friends (shocking I know) who were very impressed by Kinky Boots in the theater and who didn't have a problem with the parade number at all. It's not's only some.

Once we start generalizing too easily, we fall into the same trap we are criticizing others for. And you start losing support from those who were on your side to begin with."

Excellent post.
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"Just had to say, I am PROUD to be a Republican/Conservative"

Just had to say, I am PROUD to not know you.
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I am glad that Republicans are joining those standing up against prejudice of any form. As far as I'm concerned, they are most welcome and long overdue. The cynical use of bigotry and fear to assemble political coalitions within the Republican Party, starting with Nixon's "Southern strategy" to reclaim racists who'd defected to the Democratic Party after the civil war through Karl Rove's nefarious branding of homophobic hatred as a "family value," was an unfortunate chapter in the party of Lincoln. If the theater performances in the Thanksgiving Day Parade helps heal that, they were a roaring success in my opinion.

Maybe as a result gay people will be able to get married in the red states someday, just as people of different races now can.
Updated On: 12/2/13 at 09:12 AM
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The only thing wrong with the KB performance was i thought it was kinda boring. Sherrie in Rock of Ages has been wearing those same boots for years. and Romans wore skirts Scotts wore kilts long before that.

That being said, this is such a non issue. you can take any issue, and there will be yahoos who have a problem with it, then the overreaction in response to it. Its just so dumb and childish. on the other side of this, you have people who are offended by IN GOD WE TRUST on our money. Get a friggin life.

I mean even Mother Theresa or Carrie Underwood or even Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman, have people hating on them. You may not like them, but if you really can find it necessarily to hate on them, seriously you have a screw loose.


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Updated On: 12/2/13 at 10:59 AM
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Oh for goodness sake. Geesh.


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