Alabama pardons

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Some necessary historical news, especially given the musical's adoration on here
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Alabama pardons
Posted: 11/21/13 at 11:10pm
Empty houses on Broadway, now it's sold out in London. Bah.
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Alabama pardons
Posted: 11/21/13 at 11:20pm
I wonder if this will be added at the end of any current and future productions.
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Alabama pardons
Posted: 11/22/13 at 09:41am
I didn't realize it was playing to sold out house on the West End. Good for them!! It is one of my most powerful shows I have ever seen.
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Anthony Fremont
Alabama pardons
Posted: 11/22/13 at 09:43am
They make a note of this in the production via projection after the lights come up.
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Alabama pardons
Posted: 11/22/13 at 09:47am
Dottie, I agree! This show was so powerful and I'm so grateful to have seen it. (Twice!)

I saw this posted on FB by an acquaintance of mine, who was in the Broadway cast. I'm very pleased that this step has been taken. I do think it's true 'better late than never', although the 'late' in this case, had such tragic consequences. Still this news is very welcomed.
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