Danny Burstein and Linda Emond Join CABARET Revival

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Stellar! Very exciting.
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east side story
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Both seem relatively young for these roles, but I'm sure they'll be wonderful.
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Danny joining makes me ridiculously happy.
What a colossal piece of crap! It'll probably run for years.
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I detest this casting and I adore Danny Burstein. (Lukewarm on Linda Emond.) The effectiveness of the casting of the last revival was that the older couple was truly the right age for the roles-and you felt more invested in them-you wanted to see them succeed.

This seems like a very misguided choice. I cannot imagine Linda Emond singing "grown old like me" when she doesn't LOOK old enough to be singing that. (I know who I'd have preferred but I'll bite my tongue.) Now, my excitement is just at a REALLY low ebb. (I actually love the older couple and wanted them to cast people the right ages for these roles.)

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I love them both.
Let's all "put LaChiusa over Mozart" [whatever that means] and make empty heads explode!
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Okay, so Liza's stunt casting later in the run. I get it. It's cool.
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Linda Emond is 55 years old. I imagine in 1931, that would be...well...ancient.

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"When you're as old as I...
(Is anyone as old as I?)--
What difference does it make?
An offer comes? You take!"

This casting makes this revival even more of a must-see.
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east side story
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Knowing Jim Carnahan, he most likely offered the roles to George Clooney and Sofia Vergara first.
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Yes, I can't imagine how they will ever make them appear older than they actually are. If only there were some make up tricks they could apply. Hmmmmm....maybe someday.

And no, in pre WWII, 55 was not ancient - by any means.
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I for one am very excited about this, I adore Danny Burstein.
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I agree that they are a bit young for the role but they are great actors and should be great in the roles!
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Sara Kestelman was 49 when she played Schneider in this production when it premiered in London in 1993, for what it's worth.

Emond and Burstein are both stunning actors and will be more than fine in these roles. Lest we forget how successfully Emond played older just last year in DEATH OF A SALESMAN.

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In 1931, the life expectancy for women (in the US at least) was 63. So...55 would be the winter of her discontent.

Now...of course 55 in 2013 is something entirely different. But I don't think Linda Emond is out of the realm of suitability to play Frau Schneider. I also happen to think she's sensational, so I'm pleased with this casting.
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Sara Kestelman is such a gem in that Donmar recording - she won the Olivier award that year for her performance and rightly so; it's chilling. Mary Louise Wilson also did wonders in the last Broadway revival.
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How did I miss this? I think it is wonderful casting.
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I forgot Linda Emond had been cast. I thought she was lackluster in Death of a Salesman, but that was probably because I couldn't help comparing her to the perfection that was Elizabeth Franz. Do we still not have a Cliff, or am I forgetting that too? Honestly I don't particularly care who's cast aside from Alan, but I hope they don't go the way of casting someone perfect-looking as Cliff. I don't think that's ever really been an issue, but since it does appear that they're going with younger actors than usual for this production it makes me worry that they could fall into that trap.
I leave the room smiling.
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C. C Baxter
I must admit that I would love to see what Danny Burstein would do with "Meeskite" even though it's not included in this version of the show and many think it slows down the end of Act One. His "Buddy's Blues" just further proved how great he is at those kinds of character songs.
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Has anyone heard about the casting of the role Cliff yet? Does anyone know anything about who they are looking at?
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I feel that the reference to age is not about the number of years but how she 'feels' due to the current situation surrounding her--life in general affects her physically-it is her body that is old and tired-that can happen at any age due to circumstances.