Can We Finally Talk About Who Will Win The Tony For Best Musical?

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Also Best Book?
Best Score
Best Orchestrations
Best Leading Lady/Gent
Best Featured Lady/Gent
Best Choreography
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I'm going to say that with the hype and the awards it got in London, I'll say that Matilda all of these awards you listed except Best Orchestra. I think Cinderella will get that one and maybe Best Leading or/and Featured Actor/Actress in a Musical (Laura Osnes/Victoria Clarke).
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Score-Matilda (watch out for Kinky Boots-I've heard good things about the score)
Revival-either Drood or Pippin (assuming Cinderella is deemed new-if not, Cinderella has a chance)
Actor/musical-Bertie Carvel (if put here)
Actress/musical-Laura Osnes has a really good shot
Featured Actor/Actress in a Musical-Not sure
Director/Musical-Diane Paulus or the person directing Matilda (money is on Paulus)
Featured Actor
Matilda in a sweep.
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WhizzerMarvin TrinaJasonMendel
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Well Motown hasn't even started previews yet, but...

I predict the musical side of the Tonys will be a battle between Matilda and Pippin, with a few other shows picking up an award here and there.

Matilda will win Musical, Score and Book. Pippin will win revival. After that all bets are off. Warchus vs Paulus will be a great director showdown, and the same goes for choreography. If all the circus performing counts as choreography for Pippin then it will put up quite a fight with Matilda.

The Matilda girls will be a favorite to win, but Patina gives them some honest competition.

I think Carvel should and will be left in featured (where he is now since his name is not above the title). He has no competition.

Featured actress will probably have 80% of the votes going to Andrea Martin. She's as sure a bet as Daniel Day Lewis was at the Oscars this year.

I think if Carvel is kept out of featured Billy Porter will win for Lead Actor, just like Norbert won for Catch Me a few years ago.

Lighting, set design, costumes, etc will probably go to Matilda in a sweep, but the lighting in Pippin is equally as brilliant. Pippin could upset in any tech category.
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Methinks Whizzer knows of whence he speaks.

Matilda and Pippin will be front runners in most categories, with Matilda picking up more awards. (I think Drood would have been in the running had it managed to stay open longer.)
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I'm still hoping we'll see some Drood again come the summer... I'm wondering if there's a reason there's no musical (yet) in RTC's season... lol. I doubt it, but...
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Best musical will be Scandalous or Chaplin.
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Any chance of Andy Karl winning for Drood for Best Featured Actor? Profile Photo
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I think "A Christmas Story" will be the rare seasonal show that grabs a few nominations.

And I haven't seen her in the show yet, but based on what I've seen in the past--and the buzz about this performance--I think that anyone who rules out Annaleigh Ashford is nuts.

I predict no nominations for Jekyll & Hyde, even though some elements are good...even in categories where it's been nominated before.
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What about Annie or Hands on hardbody? I think they will win in a few categories.
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It had to be said.
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Matilda will win best musical. I think Pippin will take it over Drood. Same thing as last year with Porgy and Bess and Follies. Porgy got it because it was still running (there were other reasons too, but this must have helped). Actress will be a tight race between Patina Miller and the Matilda girls. Bertie Carvel will win whichever category he is in. I keep hearing about Billy Porter, but if Carvel is nominated as lead (as he was in the West End), my money is on him. I think the closest competition this year will be director (Paulus vs. Warchus) and actress (Matildas vs. Miller).
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Is this right of the eligibles?

New Musicals:
Bring it On
Xmas Story
Kinky Boots
Hands on Hardbody
Cinderella (maybe)

Musical Revivals
Jekyll & Hyde (thanks AntV)
Cinderella (maybe)

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Fingers crossed Annaleigh Ashford gets nominated for Featured Actress in a Musical.
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At this point, Andrea Martin is going to walk away with Featured (IMO).
If we're not having fun, then why are we doing it? These are DISCUSSION boards, not mutual admiration boards. Discussion only occurs when we are willing to hear what others are thinking, regardless of whether it is alignment to our own thoughts.
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And Jekyll and Hyde for revival.
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I hope they don't feel the need to nominate 4 revivals. Yikes.
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Why? The three that are open have gotten decent notices and one that is opening soon is getting great word from out of town. There have been far worse lineups.
Best Musical looks like it'll shape out this way...


I don't think HANDS ON A HARDBODY will get it. It's going to get pretty rough reviews, I assume.

MATILDA will probably sweep, winning ATLEAST Musical, Score, Book, Supporting Actor. It also has a really strong shot at winning Actress for those 4 girls (though a BILLY ELLIOT type repeat seems unlikely), orchestrations, set design, and choreography.

Actress has gotta be down to the Matildas, Patina Miller, Laura Osnes, and Steph J Block
I'll be surprised of Billy Porter wins lead... though there's not much competition. Constantine Maroulis won't somehow be a knockout will he? I hear he won't pull it off but, whatever.
Andrea Martin, duh.
Bertie Carvel, duh.

I bet all of the Best Musical nominees will go 4/4 in Score in Book too. CINDERELLA looks like it'll take costumes, or DROOD perhaps.
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I find it weird saying this, but I hope Bring It On isn't forgotten. Actually thought it wasn't that awful.
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Would love to see A Christmas Story be recognized for its genius choreography. The slow-motion run alone should score it a nomination, and that plus the brilliant tap dancing should earn it a win, in my opinion.
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I enjoyed Bring It On 10 times more than Hardbody, and don't think Hardbody has much of a shot anywhere. I too hope BIO isnt forgotten, I just loved that show!
""Best musical will be Scandalous or Chaplin."" are you high
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Do you think Lauren Ward from Matilda will have a shot at at least getting nominated for Featured? I thought she was incredible, and I'd love to see her get a nomination.

Also, I really think the Matilda's will win Leading, and I think they deserve it! Those kids carry that show, that's not an easy role for kids that young!

Anyone think Lilla Crawford will get a nomination still?
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I can't say I think all four girls from Matilda deserve to win-it's the ROLE that wins in this instance and not the individual performances. I know the Billy boys won-and it set a terrible precedent. They should give the girls a special award. It's not fair to the actresses who go on eight times a week (say what you want about child labor and difficulty of the role, but Lilla Crawford goes on six to eight times a week I believe).

The Billy Elliott ruling was not really all that popular after it happened-let's see how it affects the girls playing Matilda.

I'd love to see Annaleigh Ashford over Andrea Martin. Ashford's growth as a performer has been amazing. She deserves this recognition.