Anyone Ever Actually Have a Vodka Stinger?

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"Evidently it's such an old fashioned liqueur that I had to try a liquor store, two grocery stores and a wine shop until I found a bottle"

Interesting. Remember in Tales of the City, when Dee Dee comes to speak to Mary Ann, Mary Ann offers her creme de menthe and Dee Dee asks if it's white?
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Glinda, maybe because of Elaine Stritch's attachment to the role?

Also, I think that line was part of one of Furth's later additions to the script, like Larry's "I wish you could meet Joanne sometime."

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I always assumed that she started the song toasting all the other women, but by the end realises that she is one of them too. Which could explain her behaviour.
IMHO I see Queenie as being more of a brunette...
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EXACTLY. What starts as a gimlet-eyed (to mix drink metaphors) view of the "other" ladies who lunch, in the final verse, she turns her criticism back upon herself.
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If the verse about the girls who just watch isn't about Joanne, then the scream after the worlds 'vodka stinger' becomes very difficult to motivate and just plain self-indulgent...instead of self revealing.
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I agree with that she's one of the girls who just watch. I just can't see her drinking Vodka Stingers.
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Have I ever had a vodka stinger? Please, they were my drink of choice when Stritch was playing Company in 1970-71. I was quite young then. You can have them on the rocks or straight up and they come in a regular glass most of the time.

One vodka stinger and you have a nice buzz.
Two and you're real jovial.
Three, you're blotto.
Four (and I only did this once) and you're knocked up, irregardless of gender or age or proclivity. Seriously. You have to find Planned Parenthood.

Joanne drinks vodka stingers because it tells the audience she is bombed in the scene. This is a strong but still girly drink.
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