How is the balcony at the Cort Theatre?

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Anyone sat up there?
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Jordan Catalano
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All the time. Even from the last row, it's a perfect view. Best balcony on broadway.
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Every time I go to the Cort, I sit in the balcony (usually they're $26.50 seats) and I love it. Never had a problem with the view.
A little swash, a bit of buckle - you'll love it more than bread.
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It's definitely a bit far away, but I agree that as balconies go, it's really one of the best. They even have bathrooms up there for men and women. No long walk to the basement during intermission.

Some of the seats in the side sections are tilted one way or the other though. So if you don't want to see the show on a wide angle, I suggest opting for the middle.

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