Jim Colyer or Mister Phi Beta Kappa Peterson?

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Debilitating paranoid Virginia man kills family and self over the fact that Obama is about to win reelection.

Can anyone tell me how the line has been?
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A link or something would have been helpful. I didn't know if you were joking or not.

The article is quite sad actually. I never grasp why someone has to kill others then themselves.

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Forgot the link.
Can anyone tell me how the line has been?
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No matter how tragic or upsetting this story is...damn, do I love a good early 60's Chita reference.
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I never grasp why someone has to kill others then themselves.

It stated that he feared his family would suffer the consequences of the government, so in his mind, it was a mercy killing. It only makes sense to the person who is suffering the paranoid delusions, so you wouldn't be able to grasp it.
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How will 'they' spin it?

This is all Obama's fault. Has he no shame? The American people HAVE to elect Romney now. This is worse than Watergate!

AM Hate Radio and Fox News has to take some responsibility. The guy had a mental problem and NO ONE is to blame for it.Sad for him and his family.In his sick mind,he did what he thought was best. However, when you have people like Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh feeding him lies and telling people how bad things will be if he gets a 2nd term,you can't help be surprised. How many others out there who are sick like this guy who may take drastic measures to do 'what he thinks is right?'

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