Student Rush Tickets Question

Student Rush Tickets Question
Posted: 9/9/12 at 12:18am
So, please excuse me if what I'm asking about sounds stupid or is common knowledge, but me and my family are planning to come and visit NYC on April of next year. We want to watch shows, but tickets are MAD EXPENSIVE... well, for us. Especially since we're not only planning to watch A SHOW, we're planning to watch like MOST of the shows. So since my brother and I are in high school, and I know that there are discounts for students, are international students eligible for the student rush tickets or only local ID's are valid?
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Student Rush Tickets Question
Posted: 9/9/12 at 09:54am
As long as its a student ID you'll be okay.
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Student Rush Tickets Question
Posted: 11/3/12 at 01:38pm
It's really not a strict process at all.
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