re: 64 Bar Audition Song

64 Bar Audition Song
Posted: 11/27/09 at 02:28pm
OK, this might be a really stupid question, but when an audition specifies you sing 64 bars of a musical theatre song, does it have to be exactly 64 bars? or is it as close to 64 bars as you can get without the cuts sounding weird?
I am planning to sing "Shouldn't I Be Less In Love With You" from "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change", the entire song is 73 bars, do you think that would be OK?
If not I will probably have to cut it somewhere in the middle, because i think the beginning and end of the song are quite important for the journey of the song.
Any help would be great, and again, sorry if this is a stupid question, lol!
re: 64 Bar Audition Song
Posted: 11/27/09 at 04:01pm
Unless you are auditioning for the nazi party, then you should be okay. Typically you are given some grace on the cut as long as it isn't obvious you went wayyy over the asked limit. Also, an introduction at the beginning doesn't count in the measure count nor does the ending where you are not singing.
re: 64 Bar Audition Song
Posted: 11/27/09 at 11:19pm
I'd say songs with somewhere around 55-70 bars are acceptable. It's not like they [the casting directors/producers] have the sheet music in their hand.

You'll be fine!
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re: 64 Bar Audition Song
Posted: 1/15/12 at 08:03am
im going to drum this up from the depths of the message board archive! I am auditioning for the university of west london and have a song at 67 bars a song at 59 and a song at 71! it does say 64 bars aprox and i dont want to take any songs really that exced the limit as i dont wan them to think i have ignored the insturctions of the audtion! any thoughts
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re: 64 Bar Audition Song
Posted: 1/15/12 at 11:20am
All of those are fine, as long as they're around two minutes.