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Glee-Cap Old Dog, New Tricks.

The old saying goes that you can't teach old dogs new tricks; but tonight, it's time to give that old saying a Glee twist. Watch our old dogs try and learn some new tricks - will they succeed? Will they fail? Will there be at least one fabulous ballad? Absolutely!

Kurt is starting to feel like he has not a lot going for him while everyone else has tons going on, including Rachel who is battling a blind item about her diva behavior, but with Santana's help and a random lady with a dog in her purse - Rachel finds a cause to champion and stop those pesky rumors. A sweet old lady comes to the Spotlight to put up a poster for a production of Peter Pan at a senior home, which causes Kurt to open up to his new found friend, Maggie Banks (June Squibb) - a former Broadway diva with a flop on her past. Maggie offers an invite to visit rehearsal, and Kurt seems keen on the idea. Rachel, Artie, Sam, and Mercedes visit a dog shelter as Rachel spearheads a chance to change her image with a furry friend, while Sam longs for a furry friend, but gal pal Mercedes is not okay with this. When the dogs get rowdy, Sam busts out his guitar and a little "Melt with You" by Modern English with his pals and some puppies adding to the fun of an 80's classic. Santana continues her PR quest for Rachel and sets up a chance for "Broadway Bitches" to take off, and Kurt is upset when Rachel doesn't want to include him in a performance for her brand new charity.

Kurt finds his way to Maggie's retired home for performers in the middle of rehearsal, only to witness the death of their Peter Pan. With less than a week to performance, the retired performer's home can't find a new Peter and may face cancellation, but when June tugs at Kurt's heart strings, Kurt offers to take the role on short notice. Maggie isn't sure if Kurt's vocally up to it, and auditions with "Memory" from Cats to show the retired performers that he's got what it takes to fill the fanciful role of Peter. Rousing the retired performers in Broadway anthem, Kurt lands the role of Peter with flying colors. Sam is hiding a furry friend from Mercedes, but Mercedes isn't sure he can handle it, so Sam convinces her to give it a trial basis. The weave starts to fly when McConaughey gets into Mercedes's things, prompting Mercedes to kick McConaughey to the curb - it's the dog house for you, Sam Evans. Rachel with help from Artie, Blaine, and Santana takes to the streets with paparazzi at the ready to get Broadway Bitches out there, but when the dogs take off with Rachel dragged behind them; it looks like the bitches took Broadway down with it.

The PR stunt didn't go according to plan, but things are still looking up for Broadway Bitches and Rachel's reputation. Kurt tries to get Rachel and Santana to come to Peter Pan, but it's clear their selfish motives matter more than their friend. Sam and Artie take to the task of training McConaughey so that Mercedes doesn't send the pooch packing - and with a little "Werewolves of London" the duo take to the task. Rehearsals for Peter Pan are rocky, but Kurt is determined to get the folks to rally together and put on a good show. Kurt is sobered to find that the talk of Maggie's daughter and her flowers are just Maggie keeping up appearances, while Sam defends himself against Mercedes's preconceived notion of him as a slacker. While Mercedes gives Sam props for training McConaughey, now is not the time to have a dog, while also alluding to a bigger conversation about their future as a couple. Kurt goes to meet with Clara, Maggie's daughter, attempting to get her to come to the show, and learns how Maggie wasn't always so sweet and kind to her daughter, but Kurt appeals to Clara to come see the show and make amends with her mother. Broadway Bitches is a hit and Santana seems to have a knack for PR, but when Rachel's selfish actions come to the surface and she's called out by a possible adopter it's a sobering moment for the Broadway bitch herself. Blaine helps Kurt prepare for the show and is there for his fiancée on his big opening night - can we say best fiancée ever? Kurt offers Maggie family when it's clear others aren't there for them, and Maggie seems keen to the idea. Kurt calls Rachel to patch things up, and is shocked to find Rachel has made it the show after all. Kurt modernizes Peter Pan with "Lucky Star" by Madonna and brings the production to new heights, while Clara sneaks in with flowers for her mother on her opening night. Clara and Maggie bond after the performance, and seem to be on the road to rekindling their relationship. Kurt is proud of his production, but wishes more people could see it, only to have the reforming Broadway Bitch Berry invite the young at heart folks to perform at her benefit. At the benefit, the Lexington retired performers, the Broadway bitches, and everything in between sing a little "Take You Home Tonight" to help some furry friends find good homes, and because - why not? Rachel thanks her publicist Santana and Kurt for the inspiration for the event, and it seems Broadway Bitches is big hit!

Next week is the big old season finale, and would you expect anything less than dramatic? Old friends return, relationships are tested, and everything in between. Until then, Gleeks - take us home tonight!

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