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Review Roundup: Toronto's North American Premiere of THE WIZARD OF OZ

J. Kelly Nestruck of The Globe and Mail reports: This Wizard of Oz, in this puffed-up production directed by Jeremy Sams, has much to offer in the way of sights and sounds. It has a glittering, art deco Emerald City inspired by the Chrysler building; it has a scary wizard (Cedric Smith of Road to Avonlea fame) whose giant head appears as if through night-vision goggles; and it has a yellow-brick treadmill rather than a road.... If you're looking to figure out where your ticket price went, you'll find it justified in the design - which has its dazzling moments, but, at others, leaves witches hanging in the air like forgotten laundry.... For all the spectacle, however, this Wizard of Oz is an awful lot like the Tin Man - in search of a heart. Wade, who must be our emotional guide though Oz, never quite finds it.

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