Honey LaBronx to Host PrEP-O-Licious, 2/9

Since the 1980's HIV and AIDS has had an unrelenting grip on the world, especially on the gay community. There has been an unsuccessful search for a cure and a vaccine for this disease that has affected millions globally. Today, the FDA has approved the use of a medication which prevents the risk of HIV transmission by up to 99%. Truvada (Gilead Sciences, Inc) was approved by the FDA for the treatment of HIV in August of 2004 and was extended for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for prevention of HIV in July of 2012.

In association with Damon L. Jacobs (psychotherapist, author), Gary Weingarten (Verlaine Bar and Lounge), and other organizations, Honey LaBronx is hosting the first party in New York to spread the word about this game changing prevention strategy. Until now, it has been virtually ignored by most doctors and organizations. PrEP-O-Licious!, an event to promote education, awareness, and action, will be presented at Verlaine Bar and Lounge (110 Rivington Street) with performances by nightlife entertainers: Bob TheDragQueen, Blackie Onasty, Brenda Dharling, Sabel Scities, Sir Honey Davenport, Terra Grenade. Additional information and resources will be provided by ACTUP New York and APICHA Community Health Center. Music by DJ Executive Realness. Food & drink specials will be available. No cover charge!

Miss LaBronx has this to say about her efforts, "I decided that the reason HIV is still spreading is because I haven't made up my mind that I'm going to stop it. This event is my effort to do that." She then continues about her dear friend, "A 24 year old friend of mine recently found out he is positive, and when I saw that he had never heard of PrEP, I made up my mind that not one more friend was going to get infected. Not on my watch!"

PrEP-O-Licious! is open to the general public and there is no cover charge. The festivities will start Sunday, February 9, 2014, at 8:00p EST, at Verlaine Bar and Lounge, 110 Rivington Street, New York.

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