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Well, looky here, Gleeks – the hiatus is over and we've successfully survived yet another long and ever so ridiculous Glee hiatus! But, we were left with a huge cliffhanger – whatever has happened to Quinn? Did Finn and Rachel get married? Did ET phone home? All those questions (except maybe the ET one) will be answered!

Due to Quinn's accident, Finn and Rachel had postponed their wedding, and Finn brings up the possibility of having the wedding sometime around Nationals, which will be in Chicago this year, but Rachel is more concerned about Quinn – who shows up in the midst of conversation – in a wheelchair.  After performing "Still Standing" with Artie – Quinn reveals that her spine was compressed in the accident, but with physical therapy – there's a chance of a full recovery, and she's determined to be out of the chair and dancing by Nationals – something that doesn't seem to sit well with Artie.

Sue is blindsided when Figgins makes Roz, the McKinley High swim coach, the co-captain of the Cheerios,  leading to a showdown between the two ladies, after which Sue promises that she'll get the glee club to win Nationals get Figgins the sponsorships and money he so wants. After taking over Booty Camp, Sue is confronted by Will, who learns that Sue is once again up to her old tricks – beating down the glee clubbers to get what she wants, which doesn't sit well with Will. Emma and Will – after finding out that Sue will be finding out the sex of her baby – offer to go to the big doctor's appointment with her, knowing such a moment is one not to be shared alone.

Blaine's older brother, Cooper, arrives in town – a well known TV commercial actor, who seems to have a fan in both Kurt and Sue, much to Blaine's chagrin. In the midst of planning for senior year ditch day, Rachel once again begins to apologize for what happened to Quinn and blaming her, which prompts Quinn to remind them that she doesn't plan to dwell on her accident and refuses to let it define her or ruin her senior year.  Puck presents Finn the with the chance to join him in expanding his pool cleaning business by moving out to California, but Finn is once again certain of his relationship with Rachel and their future in New York, but accepts Puck's offer to help with a specific cleaning to be done.

After being told by Will that her teaching methods weren't helping, Sue enlists Cooper's help in getting the New Directions in shape for Nationals, which doesn't seem to sit well with Blaine, who is dragged by his brother into performing a mash up of "Hungry Like the Wolf" and "Rio" by Duran Duran, which turns more into a battle for attention than any actual performance.

At lunch with Blaine, Cooper continues to try and be the center of attention while also putting Blaine down with his need to tell him what he did wrong, but Cooper assures Blaine that he wants to strengthen their bond and wants Blaine to come to his master class – which he doesn't seem too keen to agree to attend.  Artie continues to help Quinn get use to her wheelchair, and decides to help her when the glee club attends Six Flags for their senior ditch day, promising to make the day special.

During the master class, Blaine continues to become even more frustrated with his attention grabbing brother, who gives out some rather interesting tips for how to succeed in the business that is show.  While cleaning a pool with Finn, Puck informs Finn that maybe he should consider what he wants, instead of continuing to let Rachel's wants and needs guide what he wants to do in the future.  At Sue's doctor's appointment, some shadows begin to form on Sue's parade as the doctor informs her of some irregularities in her body. Meanwhile, Blaine and Cooper continue to have brotherly issues, which prompts Blaine let out his anguish the best way he knows how – in song – using "Fighter" by Christina Aguleria.  Senior ditch day arrives and Artie takes Quinn to a skate park with some handicap able folks, while the rest of the glee club enjoys the fun and adventure of Six Flags. After Artie attempts to talk to Quinn about the possibility of things being less temporary than it seems, Quinn gets up set and cannot seem to deal with the rather harsh reality that Artie paints with his words.

Quinn recruits Joe to join New Directions, after some of his inspiring words help her deal with her current situation, despite her lack of wanting to really believe her circumstances are anything more than temporary.   Kurt presents Blaine with a stuffed puppy and some advice on how to handle brotherly relationships, telling Blaine to discuss things with Cooper in the best way he knows how – song, leading to a duet of "Someone I Used to Know" by Gotye and some Anderson brother bonding moments.

Finn presents Rachel with the thoughts on California and possibly partnering with Puck to expand his pool cleaning business, but Rachel pushes that it's Broadway and New York where she's headed – leading to Finn telling Rachel to decide if she loves him or who she wants him to be.

See – tons of questions answered, even if we didn't really find out if ET phoned home or not, but we're sure that little guy got himself home okay.  Until next week, Gleeks! 

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