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Broadway Bullet Interview: Alan Tudyk on Prelude, Spamalot

 This week we interview Alan Tudyk who is currently staring in the Roundabout Theatre Company's revival of Craig Lucas' "Prelude To A Kiss."

Alan Tudyk appeared on the television series "Firefly." He's also been in the films "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story ," "28 Days," and "Serenity" among others. He made his Broadway debut in the play "Epic Proportions" with Kristin Chenoweth. He also co-stared in the Manhattan Theatre Club's production of "Wonder of the World" with Sarah Jessica Parker. Most recently he replaced Hank Azaria in "Spamalot."

"Prelude To A Kiss" is the story of a bride who switches places with a mysterious old man when he offers her a congratulatory kiss at her wedding. The play also stars John Mahoney and Annie Parisse and is directed by Daniel Sullivan.

"Prelude To A Kiss" is playing at the American Airlines Theatre through April 29th.

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Broadway Bullet Interview: Alan Tudyk from Prelude to a Kiss

BROADWAY BULLET: I am sitting here in the studio today with Alan Tudyk who has done film, theater, about everything you'd imagine, I bet there's some clowning in there too, and he's currently staring in Prelude to a Kiss at the Roundabout Theater.  How are you doing?

Alan Tudyk: Very well, very well.

BB: Starting off with Prelude to a Kiss, you've done a lot of quirky characters, to say the least.

ALAN: Yes.

BB: And you are definitely a leading man, straight man territory with this play.  Was that part of the appeal?

ALAN: Definitely, I lived here for a long time, I don't live here so much anymore, I live in LA a lot.  When I was here before I was doing theater a lot more, it was the main thing that I did.  And I did some lead characters, but they were always of the quirky vein I suppose.  There was Epic Proportions, which was at the Helen Hayes for a short time which Jerry Zacks directed it.

BB: And Kristin Chenoweth.

ALAN: And Kristin Chenoweth was in it as well, yes.  And it was a leading role, but it was a very physical comedy leading role.  And then also Most Fabulous Story Ever Told which we started at the New York Theater Workshop, and then it went to Williamstown first, and there were readings and workshops and there were readings and workshops before all that.  It was the story of Adam and Steve, it's a Paul Rudnick play, and I played Adam, and that was the lead of the play.  And again, well it was pretty crazy because it was Adam and Steve and we started out in the Garden of Eden and went through time together, there was stone hedge and we went through Egypt and we went all over the place in Act One, and then ended up with the virgin birth.  Act Two was set in modern New York at Christmas time.  And now, you go and play roles in films and as you said, I definitely drift towards the quirky, supporting roles.

BB: The pirate in Dodge Ball was.

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