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Author Ruby Preston returns with "STAGED," the sequel to the popular Broadway read "SHOWBIZ," exposing all the euphoria, heartbreak, and hijinks of the business of Broadway. Released by Dress Circle Publishing - the premier publisher of theater-themed novels - "STAGED" will be available for purchase on Kindle and in paperback at, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks, following its official release March 12, 2013.

The pages of "STAGED" are filled with glamorous Broadway galas, back-room business deals, and show stopping romance set against the twinkling backdrop of 42nd Street. In Preston's second installment readers will meet new players in the behind-the-scenes drama, as well as delight to see their favorite characters from "SHOWBIZ" reprise their roles. Once again Preston has masterfully rendered the backstage life of Broadway, penning a novel that is guaranteed to entertain theater-loving readers both old and new!

In "STAGED" aspiring Broadway producer Scarlett Savoy has almost everything she needs to make her first musical a huge success- millions in financial backing, a talented (not to mention gorgeous) young director, and a big-name Hollywood starlet as her female lead. But with none of the theater owners in town willing to back a novice, she's missing the final piece of the puzzle: a Broadway theater. Just when Scarlett thinks her show might never see the footlights of day, an unexpected meeting with a handsome, eligible son of the Stewart theatrical empire changes her Broadway prospects forever.

Author Ruby Preston is an award-winning Broadway producer who has helped to bring many musicals to the stage. Her first novel "SHOWBIZ," described as "The Devil Wears Prada" meets NBC's Smash, received widespread praise and was featured in various theater publications. Now a promising talent in the literary as well as the theater world, Preston's newest release is the second book in her Broadway Trilogy. For more information on Ruby Preston and her novels visit or

BroadwayWorld brings you an exclusive excerpt from the book below!

The heavy office door clicked shut behind Scarlett, but it might as well have slammed in her face. The elevator was already open to the tenth floor - as if the building itself couldn't get rid of her fast enough. Scarlett stepped in and pushed the button for the first floor. Back to square one, she thought.

The brushed metal elevator doors closed in front of her to reveal a blurry reflection. As Scarlett stared at herself, the image blurred further as she fought back the tears that had been threatening to escape for the past 15 minutes.

Just a few short months ago, she had been on top of the theatrical world. After dreaming her entire life of being a Broadway producer, and then working her way up as the right hand of the most powerful producer on Broadway, she had recently become a theater producer in her own right. It felt amazing. Or at least it had until this morning.

As she walked the few blocks back to her new office, even the beautiful spring day couldn't lift her spirits. The glittering Broadway marquees that usually inspired her, seemed to be mocking her. Reminding Scarlett that despite her hard work, their doors remained firmly closed to her.

She trudged through the tiny lobby of her Times Square office building and into the even tinier elevator. After four years of living in NYC, the cramped conditions and unglamorous backside of the business of Broadway had become ever so familiar to her.

And yet, she still got a thrill, even on a day like today, seeing "Scarlett Productions, Inc." on the door to her little two room office suite. Though the square footage was negligible, she felt exceedingly proud to be running her own producing office.

As she pushed open the door, she was greeted by a familiar face.

"Lawrence!" She exclaimed, feeling a rush of pleasure at this welcome surprise. Lawrence unfolded his tall frame from the desk chair and Scarlett happily ran her eyes over his dapper figure - from his casually, yet, expertly coifed silvering hair, to his designer wing-tipped shoes.

"Hello, Gorgeous," he cooed, kissing her on both cheeks.

"How very French of you," she said. "I didn't expect you back until next week."

"Well, it seems the Riviera will have to do without me this week. I couldn't be away from you a moment longer."

"I'm flattered," Scarlett said, "But why did you really come back early?" She always appreciated his charm, but had long since learned not to fall for it.

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