BWW Blog: Sherz Aletaha of Off-Broadway's DISASTER! - Joan River's Worst Dressed List

January 28
12:43 PM 2014
BWW Blog: Sherz Aletaha of Off-Broadway's DISASTER! - Joan River's Worst Dressed List

Last week was a pretty great one on the Barricuda. We survived another snow storm (Why, oh why, oh why-o? Why did I ever leave Southern California...) and luckily New York did not stand us up. We had a great audience who trekked out into the grossness to laugh at us. Even pianist and late night sidekick extraordinaire, Paul Shaffer, endured the Polar Vortex. Fun Fact! He played on the original track for Barry Manilow's "Daybreak" which happens to be our closing number. Full circle.

On Friday night we had another celebrity visitor, the one and only Joan Rivers! I dream of a day where she will rip my wardrobe choices to shreds. I've attached a hideous childhood photo of myself to expedite the process. Joan, please read this and make fun of me. Please!!!! I am such a huge fan of hers and was so inspired when I saw her documentary "Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work" in theaters back in 2010. The film is all about her life and how she has stayed so bold and creative to have a successful and lasting career. I'm 99% sure it's on Netflix. Get on it! If it's not, sorry I'm such a liar...She also could not have been nicer. When we walked out for a photo op, she started raving about the show, cracking jokes, and she introduced herself to every cast member. As an ensemble member, I'm always surprised when the fancypants famous folks approach me to shake my hand because we have so many wonderful people in our show. We've had some pretty awesome celebrities stop by, and they've all been so sweet. I don't know what's wrong with me but apparently if you're an asshole celebrity who comes to Disaster!, I'm your gal. Come be rude to me. I won't mind...???

Know who's not a giant d-bag actor? Our Jackie, Stacey Oristano! You may know her as Truly Stone from Bunheads or Mindy Riggins from Friday Night Lights...which I'm currently watching...and loving...and finally admitted to Stacey that I'm in the middle of season 4 where her character's ego is prego! So good!!!! I <3 Coach Taylor! But I digress...Back to the lovely Miss Oristano. She's great and pretty and skinny and I'm giving up carbs if it means looking like her. Just kidding, carbs! I'll always love you. Because I've been with Disaster! since the beginning, I've experienced seven different Jackie's: Lauren Kennedy, Felicia Finley, Michele Ragusa, Mary Birdsong, Stacey Oristano, and the understudies: Maggie McDowell and myself! As an actor (ugh, I've never said anything more annoying...I'm sorry...), it's really amazing to see how one character can be played in so many different ways. Every gal has been so funny and sassy but nobody's done it the same. Stacey's version of Jackie is hilarious. She has so many subtle moments that crack us up. You should probably come check it embrace my shameless plug and do it!


BWW Blog: Sherz Aletaha of Off-Broadway's DISASTER! - Joan River's Worst Dressed List
I mean the bows, the dog, the much material, Joan Rivers. So much material!!!

BWW Blog: Sherz Aletaha of Off-Broadway's DISASTER! - Joan River's Worst Dressed List
Our cast and Joan Rivers doing our signature "disaster pose"

BWW Blog: Sherz Aletaha of Off-Broadway's DISASTER! - Joan River's Worst Dressed List
A Jackie and her understudies (Stacey Oristano, Maggie McDowell, and me) enjoying some post show girl time.

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