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Hamlet Rush

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Hamlet Rush#1
Posted: 6/24/09 at 10:34pm
I plan on "rushing" Hamlet during my next trip to London in July. Has anyone else done it? Do people start lining up early?
DONMAR West End: Hamlet
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re: Hamlet Rush#2
Posted: 6/25/09 at 6:22am
I rushed Ivanov at 8am and was fine. However, I'm not sure how the public are responding to Jude Law compared with Kenneth Branagh; Ivanov certainly had MUCH better reviews, but that doesn't mean Jude Law won't be more of a pull for the kind of fan who likes to camp out overnight. I think 7.30am is as good a time as any to start queuing; maybe keep a couple of days free if you can, so that if 7.30am is too freakin' late on the first day, you can try again at an earlier hour next time. XD