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Mary Poppins UK Tour Review - 26th March

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Mary Poppins UK Tour Review - 26th March#1
Posted: 3/27/09 at 5:00am
I saw the show in Cardiff last night with a group of us for my birthday. I have heard alot of great things about the show and cast and I must say I 100% agree.

The sets were fantastic and the one with the Banks Mansion as a pop up book was very impressive!! The choreography was breathtaking, especially "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and the costumes were very good.

The cast itself was brilliant, no faults on any of them, especially both Lisa O'Hare & Daniel Crossley as they had amazing chemistry together.

Overall it was a fab night! I've booked to see the show at the final performance in April so I'm really excited!! See the show while you still can.
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I'm even more sorry I missed this in Manchester now: I doubt I'll be able to make it to Cardiff. re: Mary Poppins UK Tour Review - 26th March