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I had a lecture today...

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I had a lecture today...#1
Posted: 2/23/09 at 6:42pm
about german opera...I know, I can imagine you all jumping out of your seats in excitement! but anyway....

We were talking about Wagner, and one thing about that I particularly liked was a comment of his that music and drama 'should be intergrated as a single expression'. It got me thinking that many musicals tend to have either an over the top score or an inadequate score to suit the plot... Who do we think is/was the most proficient at combining the two effectively, and so achieving this 'single expression'?
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re: I had a lecture today...#2
Posted: 2/23/09 at 6:50pm
obviously Wicked..

ahh i'm sorry its late, im bored :P
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re: I had a lecture today...#2
Posted: 2/24/09 at 3:58am
Brecht and Weil were major exponents of using music/song to achieve the unified "single expression". Some of their work, whilst being didactic is also very beautiful.

In the modern musical era, I feel Sondheim is a class act.
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re: I had a lecture today...#3
Posted: 2/24/09 at 8:33am
I reckon Sondheim and Jason Robert Brown, but others may disagree. Whatever you think of their music, for me I feel that it fits with the piece.

I don't particularly like Wagner (though I do like Bruckner), but I am writing a paper at the moment on his parallels with Hitler.
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re: I had a lecture today...#4
Posted: 2/25/09 at 2:36pm
Sondheim and possibly Lippa. The Wild Party is perfect. And Sondheim? What need I say?

Also I feel a lot of Lloyd Webber (don't eat me!) seems perect for the type of show hes writing for, I'm not a big fan but I'll hand that to him. Woman in White, Evita and Phantom stand out for me in that sense.

I think with musicals however its a lot to do with the orchestrations.
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