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'Marilyn' A Life In Dance

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'Marilyn' A Life In Dance#1
Posted: 2/4/09 at 1:25pm
In the same vein as previous extravaganzas, 'Diva' ad 'Satisfaction, Peter Schaufuss now brings more of his choreographic delights to the London stage with 'Marilyn.
The show opens on June 3rd for 2 weeks at the Apollo Theatre.
This gu keps coming back with new shows now and again despite his previous shows gettig a really bad clutch of reviews each time.
Where does he get the money from to keep taking up West End houses?

'Marilyn' A Life In Dance
Doesn't this look like some college end of term show?
Updated On: 2/4/09 at 01:25 PM
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re: 'Marilyn' A Life In Dance#2
Posted: 2/4/09 at 1:36pm
Two weeks is not long, but saves doing closure notices after a fortnight!!!!