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Two Brillinat New Comedies For The Price Of One

Live Wire 2



Victoria London SW1E 1DD


12th to 14th and 16 to 17th January 2009 7.30pm
Above The Stag Theatre 15 Bressenden Place London SW1E 5DD
Box Office 0844 4780030

Time Out (Dec 200 “Hugely enjoyable, a clever pastiche of Chaucer’s style, its two performers, Tim Dewberry and Annie Hemingway quickly establish a brilliant rapport with the audience”
Ham and High (Dec 200 “Fun and frenzied, Chauntecleer and Pertelotte is a wonderful piece of physical theatre. Guaranteed to get you chuckling. Live Wire Theatre’s production is perfect pre-dinner theatre”
The Stage (Dec 2008 )”Choicer than Chaucer…Dougie Blaxland transforms the comparatively tame allegory into a funny cock-obsessed filth test”
Following a hugely successful three week run at The Hen and Chcikens in December Chauntecleer and Pertelotte, a new play by award-winning writer Dougie Blaxland, transfers for a further week to Above The Stag Theatre Victoria London from 12th to 17th January. (It will run in conjunction with That Moment…another comedy by Dougie Blaxland.)

This high energy comedy is a farmyard fable which explores the themes of vanity, sexual jealousy and revenge. It is the hilarious tale of an all too cocky****rooster given his comeuppance by the lovelorn hen Pertelotte.

The most striking feature of this “Beasty-Babel-Fable” is the language of the play. Combining something of Chaucer with the verbal playfulness of Stanley Unwin, Dougie Blaxland has created a highly original idiom ideally suited to the allegorical world the characters inhabit.

It is a fast moving, physical drama in which the two actors play numerous roles including hens, monks, nuns, squires and farmers.

Cast: Tim Dewberry and Annie Hemingway take on the roles of Chauntecleer and Pertelotte as well as the many other characters that populate this extraordinary farmyard world. Both actors trained at RADA, graduating in 2007. Tim Dewberry’s
theatre credits include: The Merchant of Venice at The Arcola Theatre, Scenes from the Big Picture (Nona Shepherd), Barbarians (Simon Cox) and Touched (David Tucker). Annie Hemingway made her professional debut at The Soho Theatre in Bagdhad Wedding in July 2007, before taking on the role of Constance Neville on a 7 month national tour of She Stoops to Conquer with Birmingham Rep. Her other credits include Yumi in Kamakaze Handbook (BBC Radio 4) and Queen Margaret in Richard 111 (Swan Theatre Stratford) as part of the RSC’s Complete Works season.

Chauntecleer and Pertelotte is directed by:
James Bounds who began his directorial career at Oxford University was short listed this year for the JMK Director of the Year Award. He was also awarded the Chautaugua Directing Fellowship 2008. James has worked at numerous London theatres including The Young Vic and The Kings Head and his 2007 production of How I learned to Drive was the Edinburgh Festival Critics Choice in List Magazine.

Monday 12th to Saturday 17th January (not including Wednesday 15th January)
Performance times as follows:
Monday to Wednesday 12th to 14th January at 7.30
Friday and Saturday 16th and 17th January at 7.30

12th to 17th January 2009
Above The Stag Theatre 15 Bressenden Place London SW1E 5DD
Box Office 0844 4780030

Time Out (Oct 200 “ A perceptive script and a substantial performance”
British Theatre Guide (Oct 200 “It is everything you want in a show: witty, slick and superbly acted by the talented Jenny Harrold”
Venue (Oct 200 “With a panache redolent of Tracey Ullman, Jenny Harrold attacks the role of actress Alicia Harding with gusto and joie de vivre. Part Bridget Jones, part Ally Mc Beal, but mostly Dougie Blaxland’s own unique creation”

Fresh from its critically acclaimed run at The Kings Head Theatre in October and a sell-out tour of the South West That Moment… the new play by award-winning writer Dougie Blaxland, comes to Above The Stag, Victoria London, for a further two week run, when It will run in conjunction with Chauntecleer and Pertelotte another comedy by Dougie Blaxland.

Welcome to the increasingly bizarre world of Alicia Harding. Another drama-school drop out, Alicia has done the rounds; the excitement of a contract with a mediocre agent; the endless rounds of fringe theatre; the bit parts on The Bill; the appearance of old ‘friends’ in prime time shows as she munches her pot-noodle; the low-level hope that this show, THIS show, has to be the springboard she’s been waiting for. But Alicia has had enough: an audition with the corpulent Director Simon Cardew throws up an interesting opportunity… to dog sit. Stranded in his dirty flat, with only the increasingly spooky and selectively incontinent dog for company, she does what any desperate, needy, going-slightly-bonkers actress would do: she breaks into his email account and sets about righting the wrongs. Hilariously funny, weird and compelling, this is Alicia’s journey.

Cast: Jenny Harold takes on the role of Alicia Harding as well as the 12 other characters that populate this bizarre but oh-too-recognisable theatrical world. Jenny trained at East 15 acting school. Her recent theatre credits include ‘Zoo’ at The Union, 'Calling' at The Old Red Lion, 'Be My Baby' at Upstairs At The Gatehouse, 'Macbeth' at The Bridewell and 'Floods' at The Arcola. TV and film credits include 'The Slammer' for BBC1, and short film 'Stalker’.

That Moment… is directed by
Hannah Price, who began her career at RADA, and has worked with The Young Vic, The Arcola Theatre, The Pleasance, and The National Theatre Studio Young Director’s Course 2005, as well as having a successful TV career, as a freelance producer/ director.

Producer: Aruna Buchanan Brown whose production credits include: Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story and Jailhouse Rock in the West End, Loving Ophelia at the Pleasance Islington and Blair on Broadway which recently sold out its run at the Hen & Chickens before a successful transfer to the Arts Theatre, Leicester Square.

Monday 12th to Saturday 17th January
Performance times as follows:
12th to 14th Jan at 9.00
15th Jan at 7.30
16th and 17th Jan at 9.00pm

Live Wire Theatre presents Chauntecleer and Pertelotte
by Dougie Blaxland
Directed by James Bounds
Produced by Jim Brown
Above The Stag Theatre 15 Bressenden Place London SW1E 5DD
Monday 12th to Wednesday 14th January at 7.30
Friday & Saturday 16th & 17th January at 7.30
Press Show – Tuesday 13th January at 7.30

Live Wire Theatre also presents That Moment…
by Dougie Blaxland
Directed by Hannah Price
Produced by Aruna Buchanan Brown
Above The Stag Theatre 15 Bressenden Place London SW1E 5DD
Monday 12th to Saturday 17th January 2009
Monday 12th to Wednesday 14th Jan at 9.00
Thursday 15th Jan at 7.30
Friday & Saturday 16th & 17th Jan at 9.00
Press Show – Tuesday 13th January at 9.00

For Both Shows:
Box Office 0844 478 0030
Ticket Prices
£12 / £10 for both shows. (Tickets for Thursday 15th Jan when there is only one show £10 / £8 )
For further information, please contact Jim Brown on
07850270826 /
Production photos are available on request.

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Live Wire 2
British Theatre Guide Review of That Moment
That Moment
By Dougie Blaxland
Live Wire Productions
King’s Head Theatre, Islington

Review by Zia Trench (200re: Two Brilliant New Comedies For The Price Of One

You couldn’t spend a more entertaining hour at lunchtime than at this gem of a new play.

It is everything you want in a show: witty, slick and superbly acted by the talented Jenny Harrold. I’ve seen this young actress in two plays now and I’m convinced it is only a matter of time before the West End picks her up.

The play is about a drama school graduate whose desperation to hit the big-time only leads her into more hilariously embarrassing and compromising situations. Alicia Harding recounts her trials and tribulations from the sitting room of the famous director who’s supposed to give her a break. Much to her despair, she’s dog-sitting his incontinent, diabetic hound while he’s in Scotland giving another actress the big break instead. Hacking into his email account to recommend herself to his affluent director friends is only one of her hair-brained schemes that backfire.

While one-person shows are not my favourite, this one works because Alicia acts out the numerous characters that inhabit her world; the director, her agent, her on/off boyfriend amongst others. Therefore, it never feels like a one-woman show nor does the pace ever lapse.

With a simple but effective set design and just a sprinkling of sound effects this is a must for anyone interested in watching top-class acting at a cheap ticket price.

At 1pm until until 12th October

©Peter Lathan 2008

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Live Wire 2
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11:00 - 17 December 2008

It is hard to understand why British theatres aren't full to overflowing when you come away from the kind of entertainment provided by Badlands Theatre Company's brilliant production of Chauntecleer and Pertelotte at The Rondo Theatre last Friday night.This new comedy by award-winning, Bath-based playwright Dougie Blaxland, combines verbal dexterity with high octane physical theatre in the kind of modern production that could lead contemporary audiences back to plays and away from the national obsession with musical revivals.

So much new writing these days is bound to the orthodoxy that wit and playfulness have no place in good modern theatre. Thank goodness for writers like Dougie Blaxland who are not afraid to put the pin in the all-too-PC theatrical balloon.

The play, which has A Beasty-Babel-Fable as its subtitle, tells the absurd tale of a hen, Pertelotte, who wreaks dire revenge on the vain and self regarding cockerel, Chauntecleer, for finding favour with the flirtatious farmer's wife, Nell. The clever narrative structure allows for an apparently endless series of digressions and afterthoughts, all of which add to the delightful sense that life is teeming with intrigue and hidden excitements.

Moreover, throughout the hour and a half's entertainment, the two actors switch from one character to another with a speed and deftness that creates the impression that the farmyard and its surrounds are brimming over with wonderfully ridiculous characters. Their absurd names like The Lispish-Foppishful-Squire, The Stable-Lad-Big-Groomy and my personal favourite, The Habbitty-Monk make this a play very much in the tradition of Restoration comedy

Jenny Northcott's cluckingly sensual Pertelotte, and Brian Hart's hideously ugly cuckolded farmer, Nog, were but two of the 20-odd faces that we encountered on this bawdy romp. Ms Northcott, in particular, is a comedy actor out of the top drawer: versatile, inventive and above all irresistibly engaging.

What makes this such a distinguished production, however, is the quality of writing and direction. Dougie Blaxland's clever manipulation of language, combining something of Chaucer, Stanley Unwin and Spike Milligan, is a sheer joy, as are the extraordinary range of comic characters which people this highly original writer's fictive world.

Juliet Trewellard's direction is simply the icing on a delicious theatrical cake.

Her subtle orchestration of movement, colour and costume made this show a great start to 2007 and The Rondo's most exciting new season.

Steve Wickham

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Sister George
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Leading Actor
If you are going to join just so you can shill and make endless posts about these productions I was just wondering if your marketing 'team' could make them interesting?

Are you actually trying to sell the show with these posts?

"I tend to think if god wanted us to believe in him, he'd exist" Linda Smith
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And now the insulting PMs start!
Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Oooh ooh I want some insulting PM's! Especially since I know I'll just end up getting comps to see this like virtually every other play at this venue.

Except I saw "That Moment" at the Kings Head. Fun for a one hour lunchtime show but not strong enough to support a full evening - very much an actor's play (as in it's a lot of bitching about how much it sucks to be an actor.)