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David Tennant in LLL

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David Tennant in LLL#1
Posted: 11/15/08 at 8:17pm
I just saw the final performance in Stratford.

It's certainly a relatively insubstantial piece, but the cast was having great fun, the design is simplke but beautiful and once again DT acquitted himself admirably.

Joe Dixon as Don Armado was the absolute show-stopper though and I cried with laughter!

I love Stratford.
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re: David Tennant in LLL#2
Posted: 11/15/08 at 9:22pm
It's a very strange play. Shakespeare doesn't appear to have ripped it off an earlier work, and it *is* a comedy, but doesn't have the traditional "let's all get married!" ending. O_o

I wasn't sure about Tennant in this one; I loved that they let him keep his Scottish accent, and he did have awesome stage presence, but I'm not sure that his performance was particularly substantial or convincing.

The best thing about this production was either the hilarious Joe Dixon, or the beautiful beautiful set. :3