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Never Never Land...... :)

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Never Never Land...... :)#1
Posted: 9/21/08 at 7:56pm
Scott Alan's concert tonight was beautiful. there is nothing more enjoyable than watching someone so incredibly talented be so humble and down to earth. He spoke to the audience as if we were his friends.

Scott's music is so beautiful, simple yet poignent. I love the way he writes to get the best out of peoples voices but with also having a magical story through it.

Having Eden Espinosa in the concert was so lovely. She again comes across as so humble and not at all assuming. Her performances were so raw! Incredible.

The only critism I have is that there wasn't enough of his music! I wanted to hear more of his rather than the random musical theatre stuff at the beginning! Lol.

Thankyou for a truely magical evening. Scott really made it.
Chloe x
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re: Never Never Land...... :)#2
Posted: 9/21/08 at 8:00pm
thanks for posting! I have heard only a little of his stuff, but he peaked my interest when i heard my love Stephanie J Block perform some.

I saw Eden perform in bryant park this summer and she was fantastic. Too bad she was out the night I saw Rent!!!