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Eurobeat/Piaf/Chicago/Scott Alan Reviews#1
Posted: 9/21/08 at 6:51pm
So back in London abit more than a week, nothing much to do, bored off my A so... went to watch some shows

16th Sept 08
EUROBEAT @ Novello

Well, I had NO idea what this musical was, I know it's sort of related to Eurovision, the pictures outside the theatre looked fun, so I bought a ticket. Got myself a 10pounds ticket and got upgraded to 5th row in the stalls which was perfect view. Expecting the show to be quite quiet as I was told when I bought my tickets, it turned out to be the complete opposite! Alot of audiences with these overly-cheerful/hyperactive ushers waving their country flags and blowing their whistles. Everyone was given a free country button so that they can support/vote later.
Set in Bosnia, the show itself is actually a tribute/spoof of Eurovision which is obviously a joke in itself already. The hosts Sergei & Boyka played by Les Dennis & Mel Giedroyc could not have been more funny! Their weird Russian/Polish/German accents made me laugh so hard my tummy hurts! 10 European countries perform their number, accept France. I really do not know how to go into details of every number but they were all hilarious! From spoof to Bjork to Aphrodite to gay boy band moves to Abba, all the songs were just so funny! But we got a technical difficulty which had a 5 mins delay. Before the first act ends, we were given instructions to vote our top 3 countries through text.
In Act 2 our hostess opens with a number dressed up as a turnip! 'Come darlings, I am Sarajevo, taste me!' the whole song was weirdly funny. Then we proceeded to the results. But before that we went onto 'live' coverage of every country that anticipated and also backstage videos of the performers when they're waiting for their results. The winner went to Poland which I thought was good, but Russia's boyband 'Ice Queen' deserved it more I think! Poland reprised their performance of 'Together Again' and we ended the show.
In conclusion, the show was a whole evening of unexpected fun, so hilarious one can't find words to describe. Only thing I can do is hope that you can manage to buy yourself a ticket and watch the show and experience the silly fun!


17th Sept 08
Piaf @ Donmar

Well I wanted to watch this show at the Donmar before it transfers to the West End. When I went into the theatre, again I was blew away by the set. I swear Donmar never fails to disappoint me when it comes to their productions! Piaf is a swift and beautiful production. The lighting, the set and ohmygod the cast, are all so beautiful, so perfect. It was such a small stage with such big talents! Luke Evans whom I've ALWAYS loved plays the very sexy Raymond at one point and then the shy cute gorgeous Yves. Katherine Kingsley sung the most famous Piaf song 'La Vie En Rose' perfectly and GOD how sexy is she?! that face, that body, so classicly beautiful! Stuart Neal, upcoming in La Cage Aux Folles, was really cute in the show as well. Leon Lopez played and sung well but I can't help but feel his voice did not suit the style of the songs. Elena Roger, well, if she does not win an Olivier, it will be a sin! Her performance was SOOO amazing. She blew my mind away! Her singing was so perfect but her acting, ohmygod, her acting, hit the spot and broke my heart so many times. It was good they did not intentionally make her look like Piaf because she doesn't look like her at all. With the hairstyle and pale face, she looked like a dying Judy Garland lol As perfect as the production was, I did not like the book of the show at all. It was too quick, no emotional attachments, some places can be elaborated more and it just felt like a quick review of Piaf's life.
I cannot wait before the show transfers to the Vaudeville!


19th Sept 08
Chicago @ Cambridge

Well, I returned to the show because the gorgeous Kelly Price is playing Roxie and my all time favourite Anna Jane Casey is returning as Velma. Well, Kelly is definitely a breathe of fresh air to the show. Her Roxie was young, refreshing and so sweet. Seeing her Roxie with Amos and Fred, I can't help but related that triangle to the triangle between Nate & the duchess & the duke in Gossip Girls. Kelly looks like the duchess in Gossip Girls. Her dancing might be so-so, but she was really sexy. Anna Jane... WOW as usual, with this new short brunette hairstyle she looked more like a bitch. With the age difference between Anna Jane and Kelly, you can really feel the competition and threat between the 2 characters. The 2 actress did not look at each other alot or alot of contact but they had great chemistry nonetheless. Now the other casts. Terence Maynard and Victor McGuire as Billy & Amos yawn yawn yawn, saw them for the... either 5th or 6th time. Not a particular fan of theirs but I have to say I'm glad they're not bored with the show and are improving. But I certainly hope they can find someone to replace them. Gina Murray as Mama Morton, good voice, can sing her heart out more and no acting whatsoever as far as I'm concerned sorry! Now onto the ensemble. Well, I'm impressed... mostly! The new ensemble is fresh, hot and young. The guys were all SOO hot, Christopher Drake.. I'm surprised no one's dragged to do modeling! And I really enjoyed the new Fred Luke Johnson ALOT whom looked like twins with the similar blonde hairstyle and costume! I really enjoyed Nick Crossley's dancing. The girls are all very good as well. But I did not enjoy one of the girls who had the stupid porcelaine doll blonde hairstyle, I thought her performance was poor. Some new choreography bits and pieces here and there made the show fresh and I could not be more happy with the state of the show!


21st Sept 08
Never Never Land: Music of Scott Alan @ Duchess

Starting the show 10 minutes late, the show was all worth it. The first act, we have a list of some Broadway hits and then act 2 the music of Scott Alan.
Highlights for me is Liam Tamne singing Kiss The Air... made me cry, his voice, the song - melts! Gemma O'Duffy & Cassie Compton whom I had no idea were blew me away! Scott Alan also had a great voice as well! Had so much fun throughout the night it was unbelievable. Both Eden & Jenna Leigh were great and hilarious! I LOVE the backstage stories from Scott as well!

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