Work out with 'We Will Rock You'

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Work out with 'We Will Rock You'#1
Posted: 6/5/08 at 1:58am
The Dominion theatre is to be the first West End theatre to have its own in-house gym. A major development of a vast derelict area of the theatre, not used for 40 years, is now nearing completion at a cost of 640,000 plus.
It's not yet clear how the gym will be managed but it is widely expected to be mostly for the use of the West End theatre community. The newly opened area will also contain some of the largest rehearsal space available in Central London.
*lets just hope they don't play just the cast recoding of 'We Will Rock You' 24/7 in the gym!!!
A young actress with Noel coward after a dreadful opening night performance said to him 'Well, i knew my lines backwards this morning!'' Noels fast reply was ''Yes dear, and thats exactly how you said them tonight'!'
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