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'Brief Encounter'

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'Brief Encounter'#1
Posted: 1/4/08 at 5:32pm
A new adaption of the classic black and white movie ' Brief Encounter' is to open in the West End in Mid Feb. Its always voted amongst the top most romantic films ever made and what makes this new production special is that its being performed in a West End cinema. The UCI cinemas on the Haymarket (opp the Theatre Royal) will be converted for theatrical use as the play takes over the 450 seat screen one. I think this is a perfect setting for the play and i hope and think it will do well. There is talk that the other two cinemas will screen old movies at the same time as the plays run. Many, many, many years ago the cinema complex was a live theatre (The Carlton) that only lasted a short while before becoming a cinema full time. Back in 1977 it had its fly tower and stage demolished to make way for an office block. The main auditorium was then converted into 3 cinemas.
I think it will be a unique experience.
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re: 'Brief Encounter'#2
Posted: 1/5/08 at 10:30pm
I've heard great things about this from the tour and can't wait to see it here. I think Kneehigh are wonderful!