Billy Elliot 15th Nov Review

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Billy Elliot 15th Nov Review#1
Posted: 11/15/07 at 7:39pm

Well, I was a HUGE Billy Elliot fan in its opening days when Hayden Gwynne was still Mrs. Wilkinson and when George, James, Liam and Leon were all Billys. The last time I saw the show was George's last performance so that was... 1 yr ago? or more? Anyway... it's been FAR too long! (who can blame me though? so many new shows and great casts in old shows in the past yr!... and oh so little money!)

I saw 2nd row which was 25 pounds and I queued for them since 10am. Seeing the show again reminded me alot of fond memories I had with the show. And I didn't read the programme before going in so I was quite surprised during the first number to see SO many familiar faces in the ensemble!

Sam Angell as Billy was amazing. He's great and he is a mixture of James and George. He dances really well and acts really well as well. (how many 'well' were there in the last sentence!) I was hopin to see Corey but was glad that I've seen Sam. We also had the joy of having Jonty Bowyer as Michael. He is HILARIOUS! He has some really great moves and good improv! Him and Sam had a lof of chemistry onstage, cracking both up.
David Bardsley was on as Dad. I thought he was so-so. He wasn't angry enough in the first act but in act two he improved. We also had Dominic Tribuzio as Older Billy. He was fantastic! I really like this matt/straw/hay colour hair when he comes on as Older Billy!!! He dances really well, much softer than Isaac. Ann Emery is still Grandma and she is always a joy to watch! She just seems to be having the best time of her life on that stage!
On the down side, Jackie Clune's Mrs. Wilkinson just didn't do it for me. They changed all the costume designs for her which doesn't affect her performance though I thought her Finale ballet dress was disgusting!!! I did not know where she was bringing the character and I have always liked my Mrs. Wilkinson to be more of a bitch than motherly figure. Another disappointment was Chris Lennon as Tony. His acting was still great but what is with his voice man?!?!?! His voice is so hoarse I can't hear 3/4 of his lines!!! (lucky I know the show well!) He certainly can't sing anymore and I advise him to really good care with his voice!!!
During the whole performance there are a few mock ups. During 'Expressing Yourself' Sam put on the wrong sleeve of the pink kimono so Jonty could dance with it. Also the smoke machine was abit off. It came on during 'Angry Dance' and the WHOLE stage was FLOODED by smoke during the scene making it not very visible! And the smoke didn't come out during 'Swan Lake'. It was interesting to see the 'Swan Lake's lighting without the smoke! Amy Duggan was on as Debbie and she was disappointing but it wasn't her fault since the role was so underwritten ~
After the show I waited at the stagedoor to take a pic with Sam but I was told abit later the leads all left in the front of the theatre!!! I was abit disappointed since I can not meet him but since before the show I saw a fat guy wearing a 'I LOVE Sam Angell' TV with his picture on it, I'd bring him out of the front door for safety as well!
Anyway, not the BEST Billy Elliot performance I've seen but certainly still good! I certainly do miss Tim Healy, James Lomas & George MacGuire!
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