Vintage 1972 Aycbourn For The Garrick

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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Vintage 1972 Aycbourn For The Garrick#1
Posted: 11/5/07 at 2:50pm
'Absurd Person Singular' is to open at the Garrick on Charing Cross Road.
One of the UKs top comedy writers, this will be a great night at the theatre.
Janre Horocks from TVs Ab Fab and Jane Seymour with john Gordon Sinclair star from the end of November. Alan Strachan, a veteran of Ayckbourn plays, directs this Bill Kenwright production.

A young actress with Noel coward after a dreadful opening night performance said to him 'Well, i knew my lines backwards this morning!'' Noels fast reply was ''Yes dear, and thats exactly how you said them tonight'!'
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