Patrick Stewart's Macbeth- Spoilers

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Patrick Stewart's Macbeth- Spoilers#1
Posted: 11/1/07 at 3:10pm
I can't see a post about this elsewhere.

The play started with promise, with the surprise incarnation of the witches, but I was increasingly disappointed with the [production which has been hailed as more or less the best in living memory.

Believe me, I went along really wanting to enjoy the production, but I was repeatedly struck by the sloppiness of the concept: yes, Macbeth and Stalin were both brutal despots, but how does that develop? What does that mean in terms of Duncan and the Tsar? What role had the occult in Stalin's life or death?

The design was also problematic, giving no distinct indication of changes of location. The lift was lovely for the first 'Angel Heart' moment, but its use became repetitive and severely restricted other uses of the space.

Worst of all, chemistry between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth seemed entirely absent- neither passion nor perversion drove these monsters. Having said that, I did think Stewart was under the weather, so perhaps things were not as they should be.

To be fair, the verse-speaking was excellent, but what the hell was the witch-rap about?