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Theatre ghosts

Broadway Star
Broadway Star
Theatre ghosts#1
Posted: 7/31/07 at 2:21pm
As its silly season in the UK press, and we have all worked in and around theatre - who has the best Ghost Story about the theatre?

Worked in haunted "houses"?

Will post mine shortly.
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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
re: Theatre ghosts#2
Posted: 7/31/07 at 8:33pm
OK so the theatre i work is the Manchester Palace and here is our ghost story

Back in 19 something a young woman was waiting for her husband to finish work at the theatre (he was one of the stage hands).He had to work late so she decided to go home.She left through what is now the circle fire exit and was hit by a horse and cart and dragged down Whitworth stree.She was taken to the MRI hospital what used to be in Piccadilly but died.
The story is her ghost is in one of the boxes on the circle level of the theatre.She sits in there and can be seen wearing a green shawl.When she appears/or is about to appear the temperature on the circle level drops .

Many FOH staff and managers have seen her as well as the stagedoor guys who are usually the last out.Apparently some audience members did to.

Their is also one backstage apparently of someone who was killed in one of our dressing rooms.

Aint theatre fun
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