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Idina Menzel concert on Feb 12th

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Idina Menzel concert on Feb 12th #1
Posted: 2/1/07 at 12:58pm
In a Valentine Special, American singing sensation Josh Groban performs with the BBC Concert Orchestra, conducted by Martin Yates. The concert, which will be recorded on Monday 12 February at the Mermaid in London, also features Idina Menzel, who played Elpheba in the Broadway and West End premiers of Wicked, Lucia Micarelli, an amazing violinist who features on Josh's new album, and the brilliant Angelique Kidjo.
Q:What advice do you have for aspiring Broadway stars who are terminally shy? I love your work, because you seem so bold. How do you do it? A:"I think I take more chances on stage then I do in real life but you can't learn anything if you don't challenge yourself. And don't say "terminally". If you love to perform then you have no choice, just keep training and focus on the words or the music whenever you find yourself slipping back inside yourself. You're not doing anyone any favors if you withhold your talents from the world"- Idina Menzel
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re: Idina Menzel concert on Feb 12th #2
Posted: 2/13/07 at 10:45am
just to add this will be aired on bbc radio 2 friday night at 7:30, please everyone listen it will be fab!