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The Best!#1
Posted: 12/1/06 at 10:51am
Since there's a worst performance/audience thread, I guess I wanna start out the best performance/audience thread! Discuss!!!

Chicago - Ruthie Henshall's last night, just simply amazing!

Chicago - Anna Jane Casey... she can sing/act AND dance, just pure amazing!

Sunday In The Park With George - Crying so hard.... everyone's SO gd!

Avenue Q - Everyone's SO gd and hot! Great show w/ GREAT cast!

Who's..Woolf? - I've NEVER been SO impressed with someone's acting onstage than Kathleen Turner's performance (tat's maybe cuz I mostly watch musicals instead of plays)! Just amazing! Even she's abit of a diva at stagedoor I still LOVE her!

Caroline Or Change - Simply beautiful & amazing! Everyone should go watch it!

Billy Elliot - George's last night - we gave him standing ovations for all his big numbers like 'ELectricity', 'Swan Lake' & 'Angry Dance' and the ending for all 3 original Billys with Leon dancing together for the finale encore is just WOW!

Wicked - Everyone's really calm at the start (since there's SURPRISINGLY only like 2 Idina fans) and after Idina finished her 'Wizard & I', ALL the audiences just went WILD! And were SO supportive to EVERY single number and joke!

Chicago - Bonnie Langford & Natalie Edmunds (understudy Velma), all Natalie's family, friends, students & their families were there and I have NEVER seen any wilder audience EVER! When she came out of the elevator, the whole theatre went WILD (nearly standing ovation!) and then it just went SO wild as the show goes along. At first, Im not sure Natalie was like, but Im SO glad I caught her (instead of Amra who is BORING!) since she's a triple threat! Great voice, great dancing (& long legs!) and acting!
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