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20th Phantom anniversary

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20th Phantom anniversary#0
Posted: 10/12/06 at 1:53pm
Hi everybody!

I've just came back home! Waw, I'm still dreaming, all has been wonderful!
I was very excited when I arrived to the Theatre. People and fans were not there yet, so I could make some photos at the great hall with all the balloons with the mask-anniversary symbols. I expected something like new merchandising or a big poster, but...we can't expect
Around 7pm everyone seemed to be there, and all semmed to be so excited like me.^_^ When I was talking with some friends of my Phantom group, Tim Mcarthur (yeah, Tim Mcarthur! His great interviews can be heard in Theatreradio!) came to us and asked me if he could make me an interview. I was amazed!
So, we went to the masquerade poster outside the Theatre with his camera-man and made me a lovely interview with questions like "how many times have you seen the show?, What do you find in thus musical which make you love it?, You're from Spain, tell us, the Phantom musical was different there?..." Was great! And at the end, he make me a joke saying I was a romantic girl, so that's why I love this musical...LOL
And the show itself: IT WAS GORGEOUS! All the cast was fantastic, they had their best voices for that show and all audience applauded with fervor.
In the middle of the show, in one little parlour plenty of golden chandeliers, the Theatre staff gave us champagne! It was plenty of Phantom balloons too and I was delighted with this little surprise.
At the end of the show, Earl Carpenter, the Phantom, dedicated the audience some nice words and he began to introduce some great characters of Phantom's company like Charles Hart (lirycs), Richard Stylgoe, Gillian Lynne (choreography), the first Buquet...and suddenly, with a big smile, he announced Andrew Lloyd Webber. Wow, the audience was screaming and applauding (me too!lol), it was great!
Andrew said some nice words too and he announced Sarah Brightman.
Wow, I was amazed! I couldn't believe it! I have never seen Sarah in live! After some words, Sarah, Andrew and Earl announced a chocolate cake which had the mask and roses symbol on it. They were about to cut it together when they invited us to sing along the Happy Birthday Dear Phantom...^_^ I was crying, indeed, it was very touching! Even I saw Theatre staff crying too!
Mmmm, the only thing I missed is they named Cameron and Harold Prince, but if I remember well, they didn't say something about Crawford or Steve Barton...
It was a great night which I'll never forget.
I met Sarah Brightman and Andrew! He shook my hand meanwhile I was congratulating him for his great work...I couldn't believe it! I was talking with Andrew Lloyd Webber! He said me he liked my country, Spain, and he was very touched because my congratulations to him. The only bad point is...he doesn't like photos! So, he let Sarah talking with me and she was delighted to make a photo with me. She is so lovely and charming, always with a big smile!!Yay, I can't believe this yet!
I met Charles Hart too! He was sooo funny! He made me some jokes meanwhile we're making a photo (you'll see I'm laughing so much in this one because of his jokes lol)and Richard Stylgoe was there too laughing with us...they seemed to be so happy that night!
Ramin Karimloo was there too! And he recognized me!! I met him when he was Enjolras at Les Miserables and he recognized me at first sight! He is just lovely, indeed. Enchanting. I met Richard Sidaway too. He is Andre in the show. Sooo funny and charming! Everyone was happy in that moment, indeed! I was be able to talk a bit with Christine, Rachell Barrel. She was so pretty that night! We made a photo and talked about the fantastic gala of that night. And then, I saw my friends again.^_^ They said me Earl Carpenter was very near us, so we went in order to try to make some photos. Earl was...fantastic! I mean, I have never seen him so happy and full of joy! He made some photos with Liz and me. Just lovely.
I'll never forget that night, indeed!!
I've made a special web page about this with pics...stage ending included. ^_~
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re: 20th Phantom anniversary#1
Posted: 10/12/06 at 3:18pm
Wow, looks like you had an amazing time!!! Ive only seen phantom once and would like to see it again in better seats. I was in the balcony and it kinda spoiled the show for me because we were so cramped in row A.

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re: 20th Phantom anniversary#2
Posted: 10/13/06 at 1:44am
Not keen on the show, but glad you enjoyed yourself. The pictures are sweet...

Who is Liz? wouldnt like to meet her on a dark, late night... in a little Alley in soho!

Meh, Meh... I feel a heart attack coming on..
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re: 20th Phantom anniversary#3
Posted: 10/13/06 at 4:07am
QUOTE "Who is Liz? wouldnt like to meet her on a dark, late night... in a little Alley in soho! "

Bang out of order!

Great photos and great story ladyghost
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re: 20th Phantom anniversary#5
Posted: 10/13/06 at 8:47am
I was at the show as well~ unfortunately, I had read about the appearances beforehand, so it wasn't a huge surprise, but it was still an amazing night. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sarah Brightman were both very gracious at the stage door. It was slightly disappointing that Michael didn't come, since he did attend the record breaking performance in NY, but it was still an amazing night. Not quite as amazing as the Les Mis 21st, but it was still fabulous.