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Drowsy Chaperone Ending Monologue

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Drowsy Chaperone Ending Monologue#0
Posted: 9/22/06 at 6:15pm
Hi, I was wondering if anybody remembers what the man in the chair says at the end of the Drowsy Chaperone right before the reprise of As We Stumble Along. I really loved it, and started to cry, and I want to type it up and put it somewhere, because I remember it being beautiful. If anyone can help, that would be amazing. thanks all.
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re: Drowsy Chaperone Ending Monologue#1
Posted: 9/23/06 at 4:16am
Why the hell is this on the West End board?
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re: Drowsy Chaperone Ending Monologue#2
Posted: 9/27/06 at 11:06am
I see from Dresscircle site that "The Drowsy Chaperone" has been confirmed for the West End.

The show auditions in October 2006 with rehearsals starting in April 07 and previewing from May 07.

About the same time as Lord of the Rings is scheduled to preview.

So next year is also looking like an interesting year for new musical's. If rumours are to be believed 2007 sees The Jersey Boys; Hairspray; Lord of the Rings; Footloose (re-opening); plus a new musical from Cameron Mackintosh, which will join an already overcrowded musical West End.